Today in Indian History
Events for October 29

29-October-1851 British Indian Association was established in Bengal with Radha Kanta Dev as president and Devendranath Tagore as the Secretary.
29-October-1920 Jamia Milliya Islamia was founded by Dr. Jakir Husain and his collegues at Aligarh. ‘Khilafat’ and the Non- Cooperation Movement were an integral part of policy animating.
29-October-1929 Vyankat Chalaiyya Manipalli Narayan Chalaiyya, Chief Justice of Supreme Court, was born.
29-October-1930 Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru is sent back to prison for two yearrs following a speech he made at Allahabad the day after his release from jail.
29-October-1935 Narendra Kumar Chhajerh, great industrialist, was born.
29-October-1947 Mysore’s popular ministry sworn in.
29-October-1952 Amalgamation of the Steel Corporation of Bengal with Indian Iron and Steel Company Ltd. to be effective from 1st January 1953 under the latter’s name.
29-October-1958 Dhondo Keshav Karve, first social and educational reformer of Maharashtra, honoured by Bharat Ratna Award.
29-October-1961 New All India Muslim League was established.
29-October-1962 China attacked India.
29-October-1963 Priceless and irreplaceable gems, including the famed ‘Star of India’ of 563.35 carats and 2.5 inches in diameter, were stolen from the American Museum of Natural History in a daring burglary. An alarm system was discontinued years ago as was the all-night guard in the gem hall, both for reasons of economy. The jewels were uninsured due to high-priced premiums.
29-October-1964 Star of India & other jewels are stolen in a daring burglary at New York, USA.
29-October-1967 Kurtkoti Lingangaunda, great Indian Philosopher, passed away.
29-October-1971 Cyclone and tidal waves struck Orissa state claiming 10,000 lives.
29-October-1988 Kamaladevi Chattopadhyaya, freedom fighter and political leader, passed away.
29-October-1990 Vinod Mehra, famous Hindi film actor, died.
29-October-1991 Janta Dal leaders inculding V.P. Singh arrested on way to Ayodhya.
29-October-1991 Barister Waman Barlinge (Dadasaheb), great freedom fighter, former Rajya Sabha member and Chief Minister of Madhya Pradesh, passed away.
29-October-1992 Komar Singh, the first Indian Ambassador to Israel, presented credentials to President Chain Herzog in Jerusalem.
29-October-1996 Shankarsinh Waghela, Gujarat CM, wins confidence vote.
29-October-1996 Kamini’ (Kalpakkam Mini), a 30 KW research reactor which uses man-made Uranium-233 as fuel and the only working reactor of its kind in the world, attains ‘criticality’.
29-October-1997 P. Chidambaram, Finance Minister, says Indian rupee will be made fully and freely convertible by year 2000.
29-October-1999 The Anubhav Group chairman C. Natesan was arrested by the Mumbai Police on alleged charges of duping investors to the tune of Rs. 1.16 crore.
29-October-1999 L .K. Advani, Home Minister, says the Centre is in touch with cyclone-hit states.
29-October-2000 Jitendra Prasada, senior Congress leader, files nomination papers for the party presidential polls setting the stage for a contest against the incumbent, Ms. Sonia Gandhi.

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