Marwar Festival

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The Marwar Festival of Rajasthan is held each year in memory of the martyrs of motherland in Jodhpur. The festival is held in the month of Ashwin which falls between the months of September to October, it is celebrated for two days during the full moon occasion of Sharad Poornima.

The festival is popularly known as the Maand Festival, this festival is celebrated with folk music centered on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan’s rulers. This festival is devoted to the music and dance of the Marwar region and offers a good chance to watch the folk dancers dancing with carrying pots on their heads and singers who assemble here and provide hours of lively entertainment. These folk artistes provide a glimpse of the days of yore, of battles and valiant heroes who still live on in their songs.

Other attractions at the festival are the camel tattoo show and polo. Tourists can also see the Umaid Bhawan Palace, Mandore and Mehrangarh fort, which are symbols of power and strength, provide the ideal venue for the cultural show which is an integral part of the festival.

Jodhpur is well connected to all major cities by road, rail and air.

Marwar Festival Date in 2014: 07 – 08 October 2014

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Marwar Festival

Marwar Festival

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Fairs in Rajasthan are mythological in nature relating to Gods and Goddesses. They are even celebrated to commemorate the brave deeds of medieval heroes. The Marwar Festival, held in memory of the heroes of Rajasthan is one such example.

Marwar.jpgIt is a festival devoted to the music and dance of Marwar region. The festival was originally known as Maand Festival. Held for two days on full moon – sharad purnima, folk artists bring to life the myths, legend and folklore of the area.

The festival is celebrated in the Hindu month of Ashwin (Sept-Oct) in Jodhpur, the former capital of Marwar Province. The festival has on display the music and dance of the Marwar region. The spirited folk dancers assembled here, perform with gusto and entertain the audience with Rajasthani folklore.

These folk artists bring to life the myth and legends of the area and sing songs in memory of the brave heroes. Other attractions of the festival include horse riding and horse polo. Various other competitions are also held during the festival.


The massive Meharangarh fort and the impresive Umaid Bhawan Palace which are symbols of might and valour of the Rajputs, make Jodhpur an ideal location for the festival.
Marwar Festival
It was originally known as the ‘Maand Festival’, a classical style of folk music centred on the romantic lifestyle of Rajasthan’s rulers. The festival is held for two days during the full moon of Sharad Purnima.

The Marwar festival displays the music and dance of the Marwar region. The spirited folk dancers gathered here, perform with zest and entertain the audience with Rajasthani folklore.

The Colorful Marwar Festival of Jodhpur

The Marwar festival of the city of Jodhpur is known to be the second largest festival in India. It is also the most popular festivals in the country. This exemplary and unique festival is celebrated to honor the brave deeds of the heroes of Rajasthan who lived and fought during the medieval era. The Marwar festival is celebrated during the months of September and October. The celebration is in the Hindu month of Aswin in the time of Sharad Purnima.

Marwar Festival

 The beautiful Marwar festival is celebrated for two days in the city of Jodhpur. The entire festival is devoted to traditional dances and songs of the region. The Marwar festival is also known as the Maand festival. The festival is brought to life by different folk artists who portray the lives of brave heroes of the country.

Various legends and folklores are brought back to life with this festival. A huge number of enthusiastic folk artists perform cheerfully on this festival. The festival is witnessed by millions of tourists from all around the world. Horse riding and polo are some of the most popular attractions of the festival of Marwar. Different types of contests are held during this beautiful festival in Jodhpur.

Nagaur Fair

The Nagaur Fair is the second biggest fair in the country. It is also known as the Cattle Fair of Nagaur. The fair includes trading of camels, horses and bullocks which is conducted every year. Different types of items are traded during the fair. Some of the most popular types of items include spices, horses, iron crafts, wooden items and various types of camel leather items.

Nagaur Fair Jodhpu

The Nagaur fair also includes various types of sports activities which include camel races, tug of war, horse races, cock fights and bullock races. Melodious folk music is heard through out the fair. The entire fair is conducted for a period of eight days. The fair is attended by millions of tourists from all over the world. The biggest chilly market in India can also be viewed in the Nagaur fair.

During the fair, the cattle are beautifully decorated with colorful embellishments and artificial ornaments. Fascinating decorations are used to embellish the cattle. The cattle owners also wear attractive clothes and accessories. The fair also showcases several exquisite forms of entertainment which include folk stories, juggling, puppetry shows and many more. The Nagaur Fair is one of the most entertaining and colorful festivals in the city of Jodhpur.