Durga Puja Idol Immersion – Durga Visarjan

As they shout while taking the idols for immersion: Aaschhe bochhor abaar hobey (we are coming back next year)!” It’s Kolkata’s way of assuring itself that the party is not over yet.

Durga Puja festivities came to a ceremonious end on Vijaya Dashmi. This is the day when Mother Durga is supposed to depart to Kailash, thus people bid adieu to the Goddess by smearing of vermilion popularly known as ‘Sindur Khela’, followed by idol immersion.

People flock the Durga Pandals with sweets and vermilion to bid farewell to Goddess Durga and Her four children Ganesha, Karthik, Laxmi & Saraswati whom they worshiped amidst fervor and festivities.

The Bengali women beautifully dressed in traditional attires crowd the Pandals to smear vermilion on the feet of the Goddess and then apply it on each others forehead wishing longevity for their husband’s life and prosperity to their family.

After this Goddess Durga and Her children are taken in a long procession with the sounding of drums and trumpets to the rivers banks or the water bodies where idol immersion is to take place.

People who had given their all for the preparation of the idols and pandals and the other devotees then bid adieu to Durgaa Maata with heavy hearts and start waiting patiently to welcome Devi Maa next year.

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Navratri Puja Visarjan Vidhi – How to Do Navratri Visarjan

Navratri Puja Visarjan Vidhi - How to do Navratri Visarjan

After Navratri Puja for 9 days, visarjan is done on last day of Navaratri. Generally, when devotees do visarjan, they are not aware of what to do with Ghat an the things offered during 9 days Puja.

For ease of devotees of Maa Durga, I am telling in this post the very easy visarjan vidhi. You can follow it and get blessings of Maa Durga.

Watch Video of Navratri Puja Visarjan Vidhi

Step By Step Navratri Puja Visarjan Vidhi

1. After worship of kanya (the girl child), take flower and rice in right hand. Say, “O all deities, thanks a lot to come to receive puja. Maa Durga and all deities, please receive my puja, reside again in your divine adobes by giving desired fruits.”

2. Take the coconut placed on ghat as prasad. Eat this coconut as prasad and distribute in your family.

3. Now you should put off the ghat. First, remove the lid of ghat. After that pick the ghat and sprinkle this sacred water of ghat in entire house. Drink it with your family members as prasad. All family member can take bath with rest of this sacred water of ghat.

4. Take out coins from ghat and keep them in your money locker.

5. Take out betel-nut from ghat and take it as prasad. Eat it and distribute it in your family.

6. Pick the throne (Sinhasan) from chawki. Place the throne again on it’s place in your puja room.

7. Take the sari you offered to Maa Durga as prasad. Female members of your family can then wear it.

8. Take ornaments and make-up stuff offered to maa Durga as prasad. Female members can use them.

9. Place idol of Lord Ganesha on it’s place again in your puja room.

10. Take fruits, sweets etc. offered on chawki as prasad. Eat them with your family members.

11. Collect the rice from chawki. Mix it with rice placed on lid of ghat. Feed this rice to birds.

12. Place the picture of Maa Durga again on it’s place in your puja room.

13. Offer some barley sprouts to Maa Durga. Place rest of the sprouts under Peepal tree or flow them in river or a pond.

14. 1 coconut, dakshina (money) and cloth of chawki should be given to a brahmin or pandit of temple.

This way navratri puja is completed with visarjan. Celebrate this Navratri with joy. Wish you all a very happy Navratri.

Shardiya Navratri in Year 2014 is from 25 September 2014 to 3 October 2014. Ghat Sthapana Muhurta on 25 September 2014 will be from 6:31 am to 8:09 am in morning. Also abhijit muhurta for Ghat Sthapna will be between 12:06 to 12:53 pm. 

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Durga Visarjan marks the ending of Durga Puja festivities as on this day Maa Durga departs back to her abode (Mount Kailash). A popular tradition of Sindur Khela is performed prior to the immersion. Durga Visarjan is the most eye-catching event in Maharashtra, Bengal and Gujarat and is celebrated with a bang.
 Immersion of Maa Durga’s idol
Durga Visarjan is celebrated on the last day of Navratri. On this day, the idols of Maa Durga are worshipped for the last time by their devotees. They put vermilion on the forehead of the Goddess and perform Aarti. Idols of the Goddess are taken out in procession in which the devotees sing and dance praising Maa Durga. “Dhunchi” dance is also performed in front of the Goddess while drummers beat their drums traditionally. A smoking mixture of tinder, camphor, coconut husk (dhuno) and incense are poured inside the brimmed pots of clay (dhunuchi). These pots are held by the devotees in their hands while they sway to the beats of dhakis. The dance gets more intense with the rise in tempo of the dhakis. The idols are finally immersed in the rivers or lakes and the celebration comes to an end. With the immersion of the idols in water the devotees feel sad as the Goddess goes back to her abode after so many days of celebrations and rituals.
In many regions of India, Goddess Durga’s Darpana Visarjan is performed in the morning and idol immersion is done in the evening. On this occasion, families, relatives and friends visit each other and exchange sweets and gifts.

Sindur Khela

Sindur Khela ritual
Married women dress traditionally and put vermilion on their foreheads as a part of their Sindoor Khela Ritual. With this custom they ask Mother Durga to bless longevity to their husbands and prosperity for the family.

Visarjan Ritual

After performing Udwasan puja, the idols of Goddess Durga are carried on Rath (Chariot) and immersed in water. Before immersing the idols they are placed in the pandals right from the sixth day of Navratri. This ritual is also known as Durga Nimajjan and is generally celebrated on Vijay Dashmi Day. Devotees loudly chant the name of the Goddess and the whole atmosphere itself depicts the importance this day holds.
Durga Visarjan is celebrated on Vijay Dashmi but in some regions of the country it is celebrated on Navami also.

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