Navratri Day Six – Invoking Devi Skandamata

On Navratri Day Six, Sunday, October 18, 2015, the fourth day of the Moon, Chaturthi, we invoke and worship Devi Skandamata, who as a further manifestation of Parvati, gives birth to Kartikeya, also known as Skanda.

Even being the son of Parvati and Shiva, He was raised by the 6 sisters, the Kritikas, whose stars shine so brightly, and so close to Earth, who the Greeks knew as the 7 sisters, the Pleides.

Skandamata Devi

She is pure compassion and nurturing, leaving the smiting of demons to her six-headed son, who we see sitting in her lap with bow and arrow, for he leads the divine armies. She blesses us with her “no fear” abhaya mudra shown by one hand, holding her son securely with another, while raising 2 hands with 2 lotuses.The worshipper of Devi Skandamata, besides receiving the blessings of protection and prosperity for the home, receives the added blessing of Swami Kartikeya, who, as the divine commander, slays demons.

The following mantra may be used for her invocation and worship:


Navratri - Fifth Day - Fifth form of durga - Skandamata

Navratri – Fifth Day – Fifth Form Of Goddess Durga – Skandamata

Skandamata is worshiped on the fifth day of Navratri. She is believed to be the fifth from of Goddess Durga.

Skandamata = Skanda + Mata (Mother) = Mother of Skanda. Durga’s this front of motherhood is worshiped on fifth day of Navratri.

Lord Skanda

Skanda is mostly known as Lord Kartikeya. He was the brother of Lord Ganesha and son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvati. In South India, Skanda is called Murugan. His glory, bravery and courage is mentioned in ancient texts referring him Kumara and Shaktidhar = Shakti + Dhar = The one who owns the power. Gods chose him the as their commander in Devasura Sangram = Deva (Gods) + Asura (Demons) + Sangram (War) = War between Gods and Demons. His vahana(vehicle) is mayur (peacock), that is why he is known as Mayuravahana also.

The Appearance Of Goddess Skandamata

Skandamata is manifested with her son Skanda (in his infant form) in her upper right arm. Being the mother of Skanda, she is known as Skandamata.

Skandamata has three eyes and four arms. She keeps lotus in two of her arms and the other hand remains in the posture of giving blessings.

She is fair in complexion and seated on a lotus so she is known as padmasana = padma (lotus) + asana (seated) = The one who is seated on lotus. She rides a lion.

The Legend Of Skandamata

Goddess Skandmata is none other than Goddess Parvati. Being the wife of Lord Mahadeva (Shiva), she is also known as Maheshwari and because she is gaur varna (Fair complexion), she is known as Gauri. She is the mother of Lod Skanda and thus known as Skandmata. Goddess Parvati loves her son very much and is pleased to be named after her son’s name.

Skandamata sits on lotus. Whenever the brutality by the demons increases, goddess Skandmata rides on a lion and kills them.

The Blessings Of Skandamata

Skandamata is one of the forms of goddess Parvati. Devotees who worship Skandamata get the benefit of worshiping Lord Kartikeya. As mentioned in Puranas, worshiping Skandamata on fifth day of Navratri is extremely fruitful. Devotees get the energy to get rid of materialistic possessions and focus on achieving the salvation. Skandamata purifies their soul. Being the premium goddess of solar system, she provides magnitude and divine aura to her devotees.

Navratri - Fourth Day - Fourth Form Of Goddess Durga - Kushmanda
Navratri - Sixth form of Goddess Durga - Katyayani

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