Today in Indian History
Events for October 14

14-October-1884 Lala Har Dayal, revolutionary, nationalist and freedom fighter, was born at Delhi.
14-October-1885 Mukandi Lal, famous Hindi writer, was born in Chamoli at U.P.
14-October-1910 Further unrest took place in Lhasa, Tibet, following the arrest of Dalai Lama’s agent by the Chinese on the Chinese frontier with India.
14-October-1919 Raghu Karmkar, famous cinephotographer, was born.
14-October-1930 The Flag of Freedom’ or ‘Swaraj Toran’ a feature film produced by Prabhat Film Co.Kolhapur was prohibited by the Censor Board on October 14, 1930 on the grounds that it was objectionable in the existing political situation. The film, however, was cleared only after deleting certain portions and the title changed to ‘Udaykal’.
14-October-1940 Cliff Richards [Harry Webb], rock vocalist, was born in Lucknow, India.
14-October-1947 Narsingh Chintaman Kelkar, great litterateur, politician and editor, died.
14-October-1953 Raghunath Dhondo Karve, Family Planning and Sex Education preacher, died.
14-October-1955 Colombo Plan conference held at New Delhi pleas for technological aid to Asia .
14-October-1956 Dr. Bhimrao Ramji, Ambedkar and about two lakh scheduled caste men and women embraced Buddhism in Nagpur.
14-October-1980 S. N. Banerjee, cricketer–one Test for India and 249 runs 10th wkt stand on tour, died.
14-October-1985 Assam Ganparishad established.
14-October-1989 Election Commission accepted Shiv Sena as a political party.
14-October-1991 Prasannakumar Abhyankar, senior journalist, died.
14-October-1992 10 Indians sentenced to six years in jail in the UAE on account of staging a play in Sharjah.
14-October-1994 Setu Madhavrao Pagdi, researcher and historian, died.
14-October-1996 Sukh Ram granted bail.
14-October-1997 The two millionth Maruti vehicle rolled out.
14-October-1997 Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip visit Amritsar and spend time at the Jallianwala Bagh and Golden Temple complex.
14-October-1998 Prof. Amartya Sen (Indian Nobel Laureates), the economist-philosopher, awarded the Nobel Prize in economics for his contribution to welfare economics.
14-October-1998 Prof. Amartya Sen was awarded the 1998 Nobel Prize for Economics. He became the sixth Indian, by birth or citizenship, to win a Nobel.
14-October-1999 Sheikh Shamim, an Indian, is hanged for espionage in Pakistan.

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