Today in Indian History
Events for October 10

10-October-1756 Clive sailed from Madras, to capture Calcutta, with a large naval fleet consisting of 900 European and 1500 Indian soldiers along with 5 battle ships, and 5 other vessels.
10-October-1844 Badruddin Taibjee, lawyer and leader, was born.
10-October-1896 Jananayak Debeswar Sarmah, freedom fighter, architect and nationalist, was born at Jorhat, Assam.
10-October-1899 Shripad Amrit Dange, socialist and Trade Union Leader, was born.
10-October-1906 Narayan Rasipuram Krishnaswamy, great Indian writer, was born.
10-October-1909 Nagarwala Noshirvan Dorab, cricket umpire of five Tests, was born in Maharashtra.
10-October-1910 Dr. Dwarkanath Kotnis, famous doctor who worked in China, was born at Solapur, Maharashtra.
10-October-1927 Bansilal, leader of Lokdal Party, was born.
10-October-1937 Anant Bhave, famous Marathi litterateur and news announcer on Doordarshan, was born.
10-October-1946 Noakhali Massacre.
10-October-1952 US mediator Frank Graham told the U.N. Security Council that there was a possibility of war between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.
10-October-1954 First ‘President Award’ was awarded to film ‘Shyamchi Aai’.
10-October-1957 Jagdeep’, a children’s film, won the first prize at the Ninth International Exhibition of Films for Children at Venice.
10-October-1962 Indies assault up Chinese positions in north India attack.
10-October-1964 Gurbachan Singh Randhawa sets record for 110m Her. in 14.09s at Tokyo.
10-October-1964 Ravi Shankar performs at Town Hall in New York.
10-October-1964 Olympics opened at Tokyo.
10-October-1964 Gurudutt, famous film actor, died.
10-October-1970 Union Government ruled out judicial probe into the death of the late PM Lal Bahadur Shastri.
10-October-1973 Vikash Dhorsoo, Soccer(Football) player, was born in Harfleur, Le Havre, France.
10-October-1977 61 people died in an accident between a passenger train and a freight train at Naini.
10-October-1978 Rohini Khadilkar, fifteen years old, became the first woman to win the national chess championship. Presently, she is the editor of a leading Marathi newspaper of Mumbai ‘Nava Kaal’.
10-October-1990 Following political uncertainties in the wake of Veerendra Patil’s decision to stay on in defiance of Congress Party’s decision, President’s rule was imposed in Karnataka.
10-October-1990 Marxist extremists set fire to a crowded train in Andhra Pradesh killing more than 60.
10-October-1991 Anantrao Laxmanrao Kulmarni, editor of monthly magzine ‘Sajjangad’ and weekly ‘Samarth’, died.
10-October-1993 Helicopters along with the last batch of personnel were ferried out in an AN-12 from Delhi to Mogadishu. These helicopters were provided by 111 HU.
10-October-1995 G. R Khairnar, the high profile suspended Deputy Municipal Commissioner of Bombay, was reinstated.
10-October-1996 UP polls throw up a hung assembly.
10-October-1998 Justice Dr. Adarsh Sein Anand was appointed as the Chief Justice of India.
10-October-1998 Dr. Justice Adarsh Sein Anand was sworn in Chief Justice of India.
10-October-1998 Uzma Khan and Nitin Kirtane bag the women’s and men’s crowns in the national tennis championships in Delhi.
10-October-1999 Congress-NCP talks still on forming a Government in Maharashtra.
10-October-2000 The world’s first elected woman Prime Minister Sirimavo Bandaranaike died of heart attack in Colombo.

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