Today in Indian History
Events for October 8

8-October-1880 Ernest F E Douwes Dekker, Dutch founder of National India Party, was born.
8-October-1911 Ramdas Katari, former Navy Chief, was born.
8-October-1911 Sarobindu Nath Banerjee ‘Shute’, cricket all rounder played one test vs West Indies, was born at Calcutta.
8-October-1919 Mahatma Gandhi started publication of ‘Young India’.
8-October-1921 Indian nationalists call a general strike on Prince of Wales’s arrival in Bombay.
8-October-1927 Raaj Kumar, famous Hindi film actor, was born.
8-October-1932 The Indian Air Force was officially established, being the date of its formal constitution as India’s first Air Force.
8-October-1978 Jayaprakash Narayan died.
8-October-1979 Loknayak Jayprakash Harsudayal Narayan, veteran socialist leader, passed away at the age of 76. He was awarded the Bharat Ratna on Dec. 23, 1998 and played a key role in the formation of Janta Party which defeated Indian National Congress for the first time.
8-October-1982 Indian Air Force celebrates 50 years.
8-October-1990 Veteran freedom fighter and Congress leader Kamalapati Tripathi (86) died.
8-October-1991 B.B. Lyngdoh, Meghalaya CM, loses vote of confidence in the assembly.
8-October-1992 RBI announces 1\% cut in the lending and deposit rates.
8-October-1993 The squadron did itself proud by flying the “”Big Boy Formation”” with one IL-76 in lead and two AN-32 of the Squadron in formation on the occasion of the Air Force
8-October-1998 16 policemen are killed when their vehicle is blown up by PWG naxalites on the Basaguda-Jagargunda road in Madhya Pradesh’s Bastar division.
8-October-2000 Anup Sridhar and Trupti Murugunde claim the boys and girls title in the Sonora All India junior ranking tournament in Kozhikode.

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