Surya is the chief solar deity of the Hindu Religion. Lord Surya, the sun god, is the only visible god which one can see every day.



Mula Mantra : Om Suryaye Namah
Surya Gayatri Mantra: Aum Bhaskaraye Vidmahe
Divakraraye Dheemahi
Tanno Suryah Prachodayat
As per the Hindu Religion, Surya symbolizes the Sun God. Surya is considered as the only visible form of God that can be seen every day. God Surya is regarded as an aspect of Shiva and Vishnu by Shaivites and Vaishnavas respectively. Surya is also known as Surya Narayana. Surya, the Sun God is also acknowledged as one of the eight forms of Lord Shiva (Astamurti). Surya is the lord of excellence and wisdom.

Surya – The Image
The celestial body, Surya (the sun) is visible in the sky. Still according to the Hindu beliefs, Surya is depicted as a red man with three eyes and four arms, riding in a one wheeled chariot pulled by seven horses.

Surya – The God of Light
Surya forms the major god of the Navgraha (nine planets).Surya is the God of light as per the Vedic texts. Surya is the literal source of life. According to the scientific fact, the whole universe is based on the process of photosynthesis which takes place due to the presence of Surya (the sun).

God Surya – The worship
It is believed that Surya has been worshipped since ages to receive the kind blessings of God. A simple namaskaar (folding hands) to the lord makes him happy. Offering water to the God is too considered to receive the mercy. Surya is believed to be a generous deity capable of curing sick people, in India. It is also proved in Science that sunlight is a rich source of Vitamin-D. Surya is usually remembered for the brilliance and light in one’s life.

Surya – The Gayatri Mantra
The Gayatri Mantra of the Hindu Religion is also associated with the Sun God, Surya. Aditya Hridayam is another hymn associated with Surya, recited by the sage Agatsya to Rama on the battlefield before the fight with Ravana.

Symbol of Surya is also regarded as one of the auspicious signs of the Hindu religion. People place the sign of the Sun over main doors as they think it would bring them good luck.

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The North Node of the Moon is called RAHU in Vedic astrology and the South Node is called KETU. They are called dark or shadow planets, because of the Nodes’ association with the phenomena of eclipses.

They have no sign ruler ships, although they are said to favor Mercury and Jupiter’s signs according to some authorities, while others claim that Rahu favors the sign of Aquarius and Ketu the sign of Scorpio. Rahu, the North Node of the Moon means to conceal, engulf or hide in Sanskrit.

This Graha is associated with the world of material manifestation and worldly desire. Rahu is associated with the spiritual process of involution, or the engrossing of spirit in materialization. Rahu is a karaka, or indicator, of worldly desire, fame, greed, high intelligence, manipulation, obsessive behavior, foreigners, mass disease, dementia and inertia. The nature of this Graha is Vata, or Airy.

The gemstone associated with Rahu is a honey colored hessonite. Rahu reaches full maturity at age 42. The Puranas describe Rahu as half-bodied, born of a lioness, snakelike, having a huge body and being extraordinarily powerful.

The Skanda Purana says that Rahu is instrumental in strengthening ones power and converting even an enemy into a friend. The effect of snakebite is removed by his grace. The lunar and solar eclipses are attributed to Rahu and Ketu. Rahu and Ketu stay 1 1/2 years in each Graha.

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The Moon in Vedic astrology is called CHANDRA. In Sanskrit CHANDRA means “bright and shining”. The Moon is also called SOMA, named after the intoxicating sacred drink used in Vedic sacrifice. Where all westerners know their Sun-sign, you will find all Hindus know their Moon sign, for the Moon, and its birth sign are important in Hindu culture and astrology.

In fact, Hindus do not celebrate their birthday on the calendar day on which they were born. Instead, they celebrate their birthday in the month they were born when the Moon enters the part of the sign it was in at birth. Such is the importance of the Moon in Vedic culture.

The bright Moon is considered a benefic of the highest order, and the dark Moon is considered a malefic. The Moon is known as a hare, or rabbit in Vedic lore, as he jumps faster than any of the other grahas. The Moon rules over the sidereal sign of Cancer. He is exalted in Taurus, and fallen in the opposite sign of Scorpio.

The Moon is a karaka of many things. He is an indicator of the mother, and females in general, the public, general well-being and happiness, femininity and beauty, the eyesight, memory and the mind.

Many western students of astrology are shocked to discover that the Moon is indicative of the mind, and not Mercury. The Sun is the indicator of the soul, and the Moon is the vehicle of the mind that receives the light of the soul. Mercury is the further process that is called the intellect, which places a value on what the mind has received. The Moon as the mind is indicative of all the senses and their ability to perceive life in its entire splendor. Mercury represents a further distillation and conceptualization of that process and its ultimate intellectualization in forming judgment. The Moon is most comfortable and powerful in the 4th House; she also likes the angles. The Moon is particularly beneficial for the water sign ascendants of Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces. Her nature is KAPHA, or watery. Her gem is the Moonstone and Natural Pearls. Her metal is silver and her direction is Northwest.

The Moon’s day is Monday. The Moon comes into her full maturity at age 24. In Vedic myth the Moon, or CHANDRA, is depicted as Male. He is married to the 27 lunar mansions or NAKSHATRAS as they are called in Sanskrit that makes up the sidereal cycle of the Moon. This is how long it takes the Moon to move through all the signs, some 27 odd days. Each night he stays in one of the mansions until he has visited all 27 wives and the sidereal cycle is completed. But, having 27 wives, Chandra does not treat them all equally. He is especially fond of the lunar mansion ROHINI, in Taurus where the Moon is exalted.

CHANDRA (MOON) is a lovable God – a loving god. Pleasing to children as well as elders universally appealing to everyone whatever may be the religion of the onlooker. Sages and devotees invoke the Goddess Mother in Chandra and meditate for hours.

This graha (Moon) causes nightfall strengthens the mind, purifies the blood and is considered as the mother who radiates nectar (Amrut). Worship of this graha is said to be beneficial for relief from all sorrows, helps in curing mental afflictions etc. His cool rays radiate happiness around. He adores the head of Lord Siva.

In the Zodiac he is the lord of Cancer. Worshipping Chandra on Mondays is said to be very effective in getting one’s prayers answered.

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Grahan 2015: Celestial Shadows Demystified

2015 will witness a total of four Grahans, including two Surya Grahan and two Chandra Grahan. Whether it’s Surya Grahan or Chandra Grahan, majority of us consider it inauspicious. But, is that true? What are the dates of Grahan in 2015? What about the timings? Unveil all here…

What Is Grahan Or Eclipse?

Know the facts and dates of Grahan in 2015.Grahan is an event where the three celestial bodies – the Sun, the Moon and the Earth partially or completely cover the other two from each other with its shadow. In other words, when one of these three celestial bodies comes in between the other two, it becomes a hindrance for both the planets giving its shadow on each of them.

Grahan or Eclipse is basically divided into two major categories:

  • Solar Eclipse or Surya Grahan: it occurs when the Moon comes in between Earth and Sun.
  • Lunar Eclipse or Chandra Grahan occurs: it when the Earth comes in between Sun and Moon.

Now, when you know what actually a Grahan or eclipse is, astronomically; let’s see what Vedic astrology says about it. As per the Hindu mythology, Grahan holds lots of stories in the epics. The famous legend of Samudra Manthan (churning of the milk ocean) is associated with eclipse. So, before proceeding to know about the dates of Grahan in 2015.

2015 Grahan: Dates

The 4 eclipses of 2015 will be visible in the different parts of the world. As per astrology, it is believed that eclipses affect everyone on the globe (it doesn’t matter where the Grahan is visible). However, the places where the eclipse is visible gets affected majorly, as the harmful rays fall there. So, let’s know the places where the Grahan in 2015 will be visible, along with all the details.

Date Type Of Eclipse in 2015 Visible In India Areas in which Grahan will be visible Time(IST)
20th of March, 2015 Purna Surya Grahan (total solar eclipse) No Svalbard and Faroe Islands, Iceland, Europe, Northern and Eastern Asia and Northern and Western Africa 11:10 – 01:15
4th of April, 2015 Khagras Chandra Grahan (total lunar eclipse) Partial Most parts of Asia, Australia, North and South America, Antarctica, India 14:33 – 20:28
13th of September, 2015 Anshik Surya Grahan (partial Solar eclipse) No South Africa, South Madagascar, Southern part of Indian Ocean and East Antarctica 10:12 – 02:36
28th of September, 2015 Khargas Chandra Grahan (total lunar eclipse) Partial Western parts of Gujarat & Rajasthan, West ASia, Africa, Europe, America and Arctic Ocean 05:43 – 10:52

Know the facts and dates of Grahan in 2015.

During the time of Grahan, any auspicious activity is not performed. This custom is followed before the time of Grahan as well. As per astrology, a particular duration before Grahan and the during Grahan is known as “Sutak”. But, before talking about Sutak, let’s talk about the mythological reason of occurrence of Grahan.

Story Behind Surya & Chandra Grahan

The world from the origin has been divided into two major segments the “good” and the “evil”. The Surya (Sun) and Chandra (Moon) are two Gods who are still worshiped in today’s time. But, what could be the reason that they have been related to inauspiciousness?

As per the holy scriptures, it is described that at the time of Samudra Manthan (churning of the milk ocean), when everything submerged under water, the Devtas (God) and Asuras (Demon) together brought back everything into existence. There was an equal distribution of the things among the two, but Amrit (immortality potion) was stolen by Asuras.

Hence, to get Amrit back, Lord Vishnu in the form of Mohini, a beautiful Apsara captivated the attention of Asuras and successfully gained back the Amrit. She started distributing the “Amrit” among the Devtas. Rahu, one of the Asura, understood the trick and sat in between Surya and Chandra. But soon Chandra and Surya realized that Rahu was not one of them.

Hence, Mohini (Bhagwan Vishnu) aggravated by the act beheaded Rahu. Since then, it is believed that Rahu (in the form of snake) retaliates and indulges in war with the Sun and Moon periodically and therefore, Grahan takes place.

Now, when you know the legend associated with eclipse, let’s move further and talk about Sutak and effects of Grahan.

Relationship Between Sutak & Grahan

Sutak is the time under which no good things are done, as this duration is considered unfavorable. Usually, it is believed that during the time of Sutak, one should prohibit from eating and drinking. Sutak is usually observed 12 hours before the Surya Grahan and 9 hours before the Chandra Grahan.

Things To Avoid During Grahan & Sutak

Note: Sutak is applicable in those areas only where Grahan or eclipse is visible.

Things To Avoid During Grahan & Sutak

There are some things, which need to be avoided during the time of Grahan and Sutak. These simple things can be kept in mind for 2015 eclipses:

  • One should avoid having solids or liquids (exception for sick, old and infant).
  • No food item should be stored and eaten after the Grahan or eclipse.
  • Use of cosmetics should be avoided.
  • One should avoid entering in temple and touching the idols.
  • Pregnant ladies are advised to stay indoors and avoid eating during this time because this time might affect the child’s health and disabilities could occur. To avoid the malefic effects of Grahan, pregnant ladies should apply a thin paste of Cow Dung on their stomach.
  • One should take a bath when Grahan starts.

Simple Steps To Be Followed During Grahan & Sutak

These are some of the simple steps that one can follow during the time of Sutak (Grahan duration):

  • Chanting Mantras and meditation can be of great help.
  • During solar eclipse, one can chant this Mantra:Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat ||
    (ॐ आदित्याय विद्महे दिवाकराय धीमहि तन्नो सूर्य: प्रचोदयात्॥)
  • During Lunar Eclipse one can chant this Mantra:Om Kshirputrayay Vidmahe Amrit Tatvaaye Dheemahi Tanno Chadrah Prachodayat||
    (ॐ क्षीरपुत्राय विद्महे अमृत तत्वाय धीमहि तन्नो चन्द्रः प्रचोदयात्॥)
  • The holy Ganga water should be sparkled in the house post the Grahan.
  • Once the Grahan gets over people should take bath, as it is considered to be the sign of purification.
  • Only fresh cooked food should be consumed after the Grahan.

As per the Indian mythology, solar and lunar eclipses play a significant role in the lives of human beings. Hence, from ancient times, special importance is given to the eclipses, be it the time of childbirth (Kundli at the time of birth) or marriage (where the Dasha of all the planets are looked into in order to know how one’s future would be), just to name a few.

Use these simple steps and stay protected from the harmful effects of Chandra Grahan in 2015 and Surya Grahan in 2015. Utilize this article and shield yourself from the harmful effects of Surya as well as Chandra Grahan 2015.

Surya Grahan 2015: Earth Without A Sun

Surya Grahan in 2015 is occurring twice, on March 20 and September 13. Have you ever imagined that how does it feel when you wake up and realize that the Sun has vanished? Surya Grahan 2015 is approaching soon. Read below to know more about Surya Grahan 2015.

What Is A Grahan?

Surya Grahan or solar eclipse in 2014 will not be visible in India.A Grahan or eclipse is the event, when a stellar body hides light from one celestial body by passing between it and the observer, and at times, between the body and its illuminator.

In 2015, we are going to witness four eclipses in total. Two of them will be solar eclipses or Surya Grahan, while, the other two will be lunar eclipses or Chandra Grahan.

Grahan takes place when the earth comes in between the Sun and the Moon, or when the Moon comes in between the Earth and the Sun. This takes place in the form of Surya Grahan (solar eclipse) or Chandra Grahan (lunar eclipse).

We bring you the Surya Grahan 2015 dates. Let’s take a look at the dates of solar eclipse in 2015.

Surya Grahan 2015 (Solar Eclipse 2015)

Surya Grahan 2015 will occur twice in 2015. Let’s take a look at the dates of Surya Grahan 2015:

Date Type Of Eclipse in 2015 Visible In India Areas in which Grahan will be visible Time(IST)
20th of March, 2015 Purna Surya Grahan (Total Solar Eclipse) No Svalbard and Faroe Islands, Iceland, Europe, Northern and Eastern Asia and Northern and Western Africa 11:10 – 01:15
13th of September, 2015 Ardhya Surya Grahan No South Africa, South Madagascar, Southern part of Indian Ocean and East Antarctica 10:12 – 02:36

Now, as you know the timings and dates for Surya Grahan in 2015 (solar eclipse 2015), we will discuss that why and how does a Surya Grahan or solar eclipse occur.

Let’s take a look at Surya Grahan from a scientific as well as indigenous perspective.

Surya Grahan

Surya Grahan occurs when the Moon comes in between the earth and the Sun. This occurrence hereby obscures the earth and its source of illumination, i.e. Sun. When Surya Grahan or solar eclipse takes place, the earth gets shadowed down by the intrusion of the Moon.

Surya Grahan or solar eclipse is a position of conjunction between the Sun and the Moon when the Moon partially or fully blocks the Sun. It takes place on a New Moon day. This tends the earth to have a dim or dark atmosphere around the sky.

Why Does Surya Grahan Occur?

The revolution of the Moon around the earth takes place at an interval of 29 and ½ days. Surya Grahan or solar eclipse occurs when the Moon comes in between the Sun and the Earth.

The condition of a solar eclipse takes place when the Sun gets in conjunction with the Moon on its path of revolving around the Earth.

 Surya Grahan 2015 dates are here.The diameter of the Sun is around 400 times bigger than Moon and more to its fortune, it is around 400 times far as well. Due to the distance of the Sun from the earth, it looks of the same size as the Moon. This creates an illusion in our mind.

The Moon takes advantage of the Sun’s disc and blocks the sunlight to reach the earth’s surface. This causes the phenomenon of Surya Grahan or solar eclipse.

The solar eclipse is greatly feared, as it is believed to carry negative effects along with it. It is said that the inauspicious day of Grahan can block the bright moments of a person’s life leading to negativity.

Since Surya Grahan is considered in such regards, there would definitely be reasons behind the assertion. Let’s take a look at the legends of Surya Grahan or solar eclipse that makes the day worth mentioning.

Legends Of Surya Grahan

According to the Hindu Text of Matsya Purana, Goddess Dhanvantari emerged out of the sea with a pot of Amrit or immortal drink in her hands. Since the Amrit was considered to bring immortality, it ignited a fight between the gods and the demons present there.

Surya Grahan or solar eclipse takes place as a result of the deed by Vishnu in the guise of Mohini.To pacify the environment, Lord Vishnu disguised himself as Mohini and managed to receive the pot of Amrit from Dhanvantari. He gave the pot to the Devas or gods and resisted the demons from being immortal.

One of the demons, Swarbhanu faked himself as a god and somehow tricked to take a sip of Amrit. His pretence did not last for long as he was sitting between the Lord Sun and Lord Moon who exposed his identity to Lord Vishnu.

This deed enraged Lord Vishnu as he cut the demon into two halves with his Sudarshana Chakra. Since then, the head part of the demon is known as Rahuand the tail end is known as Ketu.

Since, it was the Sun and the Moon that led to his exposure following his death, he is believed to swallow the Sun and the Moon whenever they come near to each other. Thus, the day of Grahan is also associated with revenge that is said to come out in the form of a negative energy.

Rituals On Surya Grahan

Fasts are performed on the day of Surya Grahan. People perform fasts from 12 hours prior to the day of Surya Grahan and continue it till the breaking down of Grahan.

Remedies of the Sun are also a part of the proceedings of Surya Grahan when the effects are pacified with the chanting of Surya Mantra. It is said that Surya Mantra coordinates with the inner powers and strengthen them.

Temples remain closed on the day of Grahan, although temples of Lord Shiva are remained open as Lord Shiva embodies the symbol of darkness. Idols of deities are cleansed when the Surya Grahan gets over. People prefer to end the Grahan by taking a bath which is referred to wash away all the evils and sins from their bodies. It is considered to be a favorable period to recite Mantras or Stotras such as Gayatri Mantra, Mrityunjay Mantra, etc.

Beliefs About Surya Grahan

In India, it is still believed that the Rahu-Ketu engulfs the Sun on solar eclipse or Surya Grahan. Grahan is considered to be a carrier of bad fortune and affects a person’s life, negatively. To minimise its ill effects, holy Mantras are chanted that is expected to bring positive energy in an individual’s life. Here’s one of the Mantras:

Surya Grahan Or Solar Eclipse Mantra

Om Adityay Vidmahe Divakaraye Dheemahi Tanno Suryah Prachodayat ||

What Is Surya Grahan Sutak?

Surya Grahan Sutak is an inauspicious period of the Grahan, when people do not step into important tasks. The belief state that an auspicious task may lead to failure if carried out during the Sutak period.

Sutak is also known as Ashouch. During Ashouch or Sutak, the contamination of the environment takes place and hereby it is advisable for the people to take protective measures during Grahan Sutak.

Surya Grahan is mostly considered for its negative impacts while there’s no reason to panic during Grahan. We bring you some of the precautions that are needed to be taken during Surya Grahan:

  1. Avoid eating or consuming eatables during the Sutak time period.
  2. Urination is prohibited during Sutak period.
  3. Sexual intercourse is advised to be discarded during Grahan Sutak.
  4. It is preferred to be a good time to indulge in meditation.
  5. It is considered as the best time to venerate the Lord for his blessings.
  6. Avoid consuming food that is cooked before the Surya Grahan period.
  7. One should discard initiating any important task on Surya Grahan.
  8. Last, but the most important – it is advised not to view the sky during Grahan with unaided eyes.

Pregnant women are the ones who are believed to be more delicate towards the ill-effects of Grahan. Let’s take a look at the precautions that are to be taken by the pregnant women to ensure their safety and the safety of their future offspring(s):

  1. They should not view the sky during solar eclipse or Surya Grahan.
  2. They are advised to stay indoors and not peep out of their houses.
  3. They should not wear or tighten saree clips or hair clips.
  4. They are suggested to be awaken during Chandra Grahan.
  5. They should not cut vegetables or involve in any kind of peelings, as such kind of actions can lead to a similar impact on their yet to be born child.
  6. Chanting of Santana Gopala Stotra is considered auspicious for the pregnant women during Surya Grahan Sutak.

Want to know the measure pregnant ladies need to keep in mind during Grahan? Click here: Precautions During Surya Grahan For Pregnant Women

Although, Surya Grahan is believed to carry major negative impacts, there are cautious measures for protecting yourselves. Do not panic! It’s the time to react tactfully and neutralize Rahu’s impact on your lives.

To know more about the Surya Puja, in order to pacify the effects of Sun, take a look at: Remedies For Sun.

We hope that this article will help you in treating Surya Grahan 2014 with a more cautious attitude.

AstroSage wishes you luck for the year 2015!

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