Today in Indian History
Events for September 4

4-September-1665 Raja Jai Singh treaty of Purandar was signed between the Mughals and Chattrapati Shivaji Maharaj.
4-September-1825 Dadabhai Naoroji, first Indian in British parliament and merchant, was born at Navsari, Gujarat. He coined the word ‘Swaraj’.
4-September-1862 Kaminikumar Chanda, social reformer and politician, was born.
4-September-1880 Bhupendranath Dutt, Bengali litterateur and politician, was born.
4-September-1887 Mahatma Gandhi left for London to study Law.
4-September-1888 Gandhiji sails for England.
4-September-1895 Siyaramsharan Gupt was born.
4-September-1921 British govt. sends ultimatum to rebels in India, demanding their surrender within 48 hrs, at Madras.
4-September-1927 World fliers reach Karachi, India.
4-September-1929 N. Hanumantha Rao, cricket test umpire for 9 tests from 1978-84, was born in Karnataka.
4-September-1946 Interim Government formed.
4-September-1947 Gandhiji breaks fast.
4-September-1952 India returns Peking’s famine-relief aid, saying it had political strings attached.
4-September-1962 Kiran Shankar More, great Indian wicket-keeper in 49 Tests 1986-93, was born in Baroda.
4-September-1967 6.5 earthquake at Koyna Dam in Maharashtra kills 200 people.
4-September-1979 India need 438 to win v England, game ends at 8-429.
4-September-1980 Second Commonwealth Regional Heads of Government Conference in New Delhi.
4-September-1983 INSAT-1B runs into snag, its solar array fails to deploy fully.
4-September-1984 Air Chief Marshal L. M. Katre, PVSM, AVSM and Bar, became the Air Officer Commanding, India Command. He was in this office till 01/07/1985.
4-September-1987 Roop Kanwar, an 18-year-old girl, commits Sati (burning herself in her husband’s funeral pyre) in Deorala in Rajasthan.
4-September-1990 An all-party meeting refuses to endorse the decision to implement Mandal Commission Report according to which 27\% jobs are reserved for backward communities.
4-September-1990 Congress (I) opposes the Prasar Bharati Bill in the Rajya Sabha saying the party wants the bill to be sent to a select committee.
4-September-1993 Lawyers all over the country decide to abolish addresses like ‘My Lord’, ‘Your Lordship’ and replace them with ‘Sir’, ‘Your Honour,’ etc.
4-September-1993 New Bank of India merged with Punjab National Bank;
4-September-1996 Celebration of Platinum jubilee of B.Y.L. Nair Charitable Hospital and Topiwal National Medical College from 4th September 1995 to 4th September 1996 (CIVIC).
4-September-1996 Narasimha Rao questioned by CBI.
4-September-1997 Madhavrao Scindia, Tariq Anwar, Meira Kumar, Oscar Fernandes and R. R. Dhawan appointed AICC general-secretaries by party president Sitaram Kesri.
4-September-1997 Dharmavir Bharti, great journalist and editor of Dharamyug, died at 6 am.
4-September-1998 Mumbai Metropolitan court acquits Union Minister for Environment and Forests Suresh Prabhu in a case of cheque bouncing.
4-September-1999 Umesh Chandra, Assistant Inspector General of Police, shot dead by the PWG in Hyderabad.

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