Today in Indian History
Events for August 28

28-August-1600 Mughals capture Ahmednagar.
28-August-1667 Sardar Jaysingh, the famous king-mirza in Aurangzeb’s kingdom, passed away at Barhanpur. ( 11/7 or 28/8).
28-August-1733 Sekhoji (Jaysingrao) Angre, famous naval officer of Maratha navy, passed away.
28-August-1879 Battle at Ulundi, Lord Chelmsford beats king Cetshwayo’s Zuluz.
28-August-1896 Firak Gorakhpuri, Urdu poet and Gyanpeeth awardee, was born.
28-August-1896 Chembai Vaidyanatha Bhagavathar, great musician and Padma Bhushan awardee, was born at Chembai in Kerala.
28-August-1904 First car rally between Calcutta to Barakpur held.
28-August-1905 Major Dhyanchand was born in a Rajput family at Prayag at Uttar Pradesh. He is remembered as a Master of Hockey.0
28-August-1906 Chintamani Govind (Mama Pendse), great actor, was born.
28-August-1928 Mambillikalathil Govind Kumar Menon, noted physicist and scientific advisor to the Prime Minister, was born at Mangalore in Karnataka.
28-August-1934 Justice Sujata Manohar was born.
28-August-1972 General Insurance Business was nationalised.
28-August-1973 India and Pakistan signed P.O.W Accord paving way for release of 90,000 Pakistanis.
28-August-1976 Second World Hindi Conference held in Mauritius.
28-August-1993 President’s rule in J&K extended for another six months.
28-August-1994 Three medical officers of the Field Ambulance unit were killed when the Indian contingent was trying to stem the war in Somalia.
28-August-1997 Election Commission orders that no convicted person will be allowed to contest elections even if an appeal against the conviction was pending in a higher court.
28-August-1997 Jain Commission, chaired by Justice M.C. Jain, submits interim report on Rajiv Gandhi assassination.
28-August-1997 Tiwari and Surinderjit Kaur set national records in hammer throw in Federation Cup Athletics.
28-August-1998 India and Pakistan clash at the Security Council after New Delhi denounced the running of terrorist training camps in the Pakistan-occupied Kashmir and Afghanistan.

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