Today in Indian History
Events for August 26

26-August-1303 Alauddin Khilji captured Chittorhgarh after defeating Rana Bhim Singh. Before the capture, Padmini, the beautiful queen along with several hundred females, had sacrificed herself in fire (Jouhar Pratha). This whole battle was fought due to Padmini.
26-August-1852 Bombay Association was established.
26-August-1874 Ishwar Sharan Munshi, politician and philosopher, was born.
26-August-1909 Dr.Moti Chandra, great historian, was born.
26-August-1914 Bengali revolutionaries looted 46,000 bullet ammunition and pistols from Calcutta Port for their revolutionary activities.
26-August-1927 Second Radio Centre was started in Calcutta.
26-August-1947 Nawab of Bhopal announced accession of the Bhopal state to the Indian Dominion.
26-August-1949 Social Democratic Party led by K. T. Shah formed.
26-August-1967 Dilawar Hussain, cricketer (Indian wicket-keeper in the 1930’s), passed away.
26-August-1975 Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar, freedom fighter, journalist and Padmabhushan awardee, died.
26-August-1984 An Indian Airlines Boeing with 68 passengers and a crew of six hijacked to Lahore. The 12 Sikh hijackers then surrendered to the authorities in the U.A.E and released all the passengers.
26-August-1996 Supreme Court asks Harshad Mehta to pay Rs. 217 crore to the Income Tax department.
26-August-1997 Employee Provident Fund scheme of 1952 amended to ensure that all PF claims are settled within 30 days from the date of receipt of claims by the PF Commissioner;
26-August-1997 Vice President Krishan Kant takes over as Chairman of Rajya Sabha.
26-August-1997 Commander of Uri sector Brigadier Jasbir Singh Lidder and another senior army officer have a narrow escape as Pakistani troops fire on their cavalcade at Chakori near LOC in J&K.
26-August-2000 Vijay Kumar wins the Hindu Open Golf championship at the Cosmopolitan Club in Chennai.

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