Today in Indian History
Events for August 22

22-August-1818 Warren Hastings, first Governor General of India (1773-84), died at the age of 85.
22-August-1877 Ananda Kentish Coomaraswamy, great painter, philosopher, linguist, critic, art researcher in the East, was born at Colombo in Sri Lanka.
22-August-1915 Shambhu Mishra, Bengali actor, director and playwright, was born.
22-August-1919 Girijakumar Mathur, famous modern Hindi poet, was born.
22-August-1922 Alluri Seetaram Raju inspired and organised the tribals to wage a war against the British. Raju’s army raided Chintapalli police station and there was regular warfare between him and the British forces.
22-August-1933 Inhabitants of Partabgarh face starvation as Opium was now outlawed. They had been living from the sale of opium for the past 800 years.
22-August-1942 Harikrishna Kaul (Raja Pandit), administrator and Prime Minister of Jammu Kashmir and Patiyala, died.
22-August-1979 Neelam Sanjeev Reddy, President of India, dissolves the sixth Lok Sabha, orders year-end general elections and asks Charan Singh to head a caretaker government.
22-August-1980 Kishor Shahu, actor and director, died.
22-August-1984 R. Venkataraman was elected the Vice President of India (1984 -1987).
22-August-1987 Aircraft carrier ship of Indian Navy ‘Virat’ joined in fleet.
22-August-1988 Gorkha National Liberation Front signs an accord with the Centre and West Bengal on formation of an elective hill Council for Darjeeling.
22-August-1992 Congress (I) with its allies secures a simple majority in the Lok Sabha following the merger of Telugu Desam into the party.
22-August-1993 Gundu Rao, former Chief Minister of Karnataka, died. He was 56.
22-August-1993 The first batch of IAF troops landed in the capital city of Mogadishu.
22-August-1993 V P Singh leaves Delhi on a self-imposed exile vowing not to return until the government implemented job reservation for backward classes.
22-August-1994 Two dozen Mahar soldiers were ambushed when the Indian contingent was trying to stem the war in Somalia. Seven, including a JCO, lost their lives.
22-August-2000 Parliament okays two Constitutional Amendment Bills restoring relaxations in marks for promotion in government jobs to SC/STs and exempting Arunachal from reservation for SCs.

२२ ऑगस्ट दिनविशेष

द्वारे | प्रकाशक संपादक मंडळ | २२ ऑगस्ट २०१४

२२ ऑगस्ट दिनविशेष(August 22 in History) ठळक घटना, घडामोडी, जन्म(वाढदिवस), मृत्यू(पुण्यतिथी, स्मृतीदिन) आणि जागतिक दिवस.

मॅडम भिकाजी कामा – जर्मनीत श्टुटगार्ड येथे भरलेल्या आंतरराष्ट्रीय समाजवादी परिषदेत भारताचे प्रतिनिधित्व करण्याची जबाबदारी मादाम कामा यांच्यावर टाकण्यात आली होती. तिथे कुणाच्याही विरोधाला न जुमानता त्यांनी भारताचा पहिला झेंडा फडकविला.

जागतिक दिवस

ठळक घटना, घडामोडी

जन्म, वाढदिवस

  • १६४७ : डेनिस पॅपिन, प्रेशर कुकरचा शोध लावणारे ब्रिटिश भौतिकशास्त्रज्ञ.
  • १७६० : पोप लिओ बारावा.
  • १८९३ : डोरोथी पार्कर, अमेरिकन लेखक.
  • १९०४ : डेंग श्यावपिंग, चीनचा राष्ट्राध्यक्ष.
  • १९१५ : एडवर्ड झेझेपानिक, पोलंडचा पंतप्रधान.
  • १९२० : डेंटन कूली, अमेरिकन डॉक्टर.
  • १९५५ : चिरंजीवी, तेलुगू चित्रपट अभिनेता.
  • १९६४ : मॅट्स विलँडर, स्वीडनचा टेनिस खेळाडू.

मृत्यू, पुण्यतिथी, स्मृतीदिन

  • १९८० : किशोर साहू, अभिनेता व दिग्दर्शक.
  • १९८२ : एकनाथजी रानडे, विवेकानंद केंद्राचे आद्य प्रवर्तक.

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