Today in Indian History
Events for August 6

6-August-1905 Chatranjan Das, freedom fighter and advocate, started his newspaper “”Vande Matara
6-August-1906 Ranjan Das published a newspaper ”Vande Mataram”.
6-August-1920 ‘Shakuntala’ made by Oriental Film Mfg. Co. was released.
6-August-1920 Star Films Ltd., Bombay, was founded by Ardeshir M. lrani and Bhogilal K. M. Dave.
6-August-1920 Film Censor Board at Bombay started working. The first film censored and granted a Censor Certificate No. 1 was a short film of 600 ft., produced by Gaumont Company and it was titled as ‘Gaumont Graphic No. 963-964’. The Regional Film Censor Boards were also set-up in Calcutta, Madras and Rangoon.
6-August-1925 Surendra Nath Banerjee died. He was one of the founders of mordern India and proponent of autonomy within the British Commonwealth. He was President of Indian National Congress twice, in 1895 at Pune and in 1902 at Ahmedabad.
6-August-1932 Ramsay McDonald came out with his ‘Communal Award’ to fix seats for the various communities in the provincial legislatures.

6-August 1945

6-August 1945

Kripal Singh Govindsingh, Amritsar, India, 100* on debut v NZ 1959, was born at Madras.

Hiroshima Bomb Attack By Harry Truman USA President In World War II.

Nagasaki Attacked By USA President Truman Using Nuclear Atom Bomb.

6-August-1951 Rukmini Lakshmipathi, great social reformer and leader, died.
6-August-1962 Peking agrees to talks with India to settle border disputes.
6-August-1965 Indian troops invade Pakistan.
6-August-1989 Six top Cricket stars banned for one year from all cricket activities on the issue of American tour.
6-August-1991 Ramakrishna Hegde disqualified as MLA.
6-August-1992 A 30-member JPC constituted to probe the security scam.
6-August-1993 Medha Patkar suspends anti-Narmada stir and drops her ”jal samarpan” threat.
6-August-1994 The Muslim Auqaf Trust takes over charge of the Hazratbal shrine after the removal of security bunkers around it by authorities.
6-August-1994 Hajratbal’ was handed over to Muslim Auwkaf Trust.
6-August-1996 Dr. Raj Kumar was conferred Dada Saheb Phalke award.
6-August-1996 SC asks Harshad Mehta to pay Rs. 217 crore to I.T. department.
6-August-1997 Army confirms social activist Sanjay Ghose’s death who was abducted by ULFA.
6-August-1997 Cabinet approves a proposal to amend the Hindu Marriage Act and the Special Marriage Act, with a view to removing epilepsy as a ground for annulling marriage or for declaring marriage as null and void.
6-August-1998 SriKrishna Commission report was tabled by the Maharashtra government. It was rejected by the ruling alliance whom it heavily indicted.
6-August-1998 The Maharashtra Government rejects the Srikrishna Commission findings on the 1992-93 communal riots and the serial blasts in Mumbai, but agrees to act on the panel’s suggestions to refurbish the police force.
6-August-1999 Kalpnath Rai (58), former Union Minister, died in New Delhi.
6-August-2000 Sundararajan Kidambi becomes the new International Master in the Beil Open chess championship at Biel.

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