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                                                                                                                                                         MYSTERIOUS HINDUISM
Hard nut to Crack“This is the age of Computer and artificial intelligence, even though the psychological operation of Hindu Philosophy is mysterious to man. When we study about the riddle of Hinduthwa it will mislead us to the chaos of headache, but we want to think about it because there are lacs of victims living within the lethal clutches of Caste System of Hindu Philosophy. These all are the individuals living as lower community members. They are forced to live and die in this world with severe mental tension and complex. To solve this enigma it is necessary to study about the mysterious frontiers of Caste System linked to Hindu Philosophy.


                                                                                                                                                              INFLUENCE OF HINDUISM
Instinct“It is a reality that honey bee move towards the flower, no body can stop them because it is the law of nature. Like that it is the truth that man belongs to any religion, any language, any civilization move towards Hindu Philosophy no body can stop them. Because these Hindu holy texts are designed inorder to defeat the mind of Human Being. As long as the man kind exist in the face of earth the Hindu Philosophy also exist.

                                                                                                                                                             HOLY TEXTS
Hindu Mythology“Hindu Mythology is really an array of number one litterary works which can withstand the test of time. No modern scientific evidence is available about the authors of these texts, some Western scientists believing these literary works are written by alien beings of any other planet from any remote area of the Universe. By keen observation we can understand that these all are the stories about a particular community that is the community of Hindu God and Nature. The concept of family values, importance of blood relation, obligation to King and God, influence of tradition to one’s life, duty of an individual towards family and society are the main gist of these literary works. Hindu Mythology also saying importace of “Paramathma” or “Brahma” and “Jeevathma” or “Mind of ordinary man”, according to Hindu Philosophy the motive of life is extreme happiness of mind, this is possible only by the merging of “Jeevathma” to “Paramathma”.

Seat of Intelligent“It is proved scientifically that the anatomy of Head is Brain and it is considered that brain is the master organ to control all types of actions of an individual. There are different divisions in brain each part shares each type of duties for the smooth operation of all parts of the body of a living being.

Seat of Happiness“There is one more master factor to control the activities of Brain that is Mind, Jeevan or Atma is situated within the enclosure of this mind, like bird in the cage. No body can trace out it’s actual position of mind. Some Scientist saying it is the part of brain and behind forehead some saying it is seen every part and every cell of an individual. At any how this mind is the root cause of all sorrows and happiness of an individual because it can influence the atma of an individual. Vedas saying atma as the part of Almighty God or Paramatma. Mind and atma can convert men as Gods upon earth if the condition of atma of mind is free from all bondages. If this is not possible one forced to live with all attachments this results severe mental torture. According to mental status all communities in India broadly classified to Kshatriya community and Non-Kshatriya community.

                                                                                                                                                  KSHATRIYA COMMUNITY
Community Free From Tension” According to Hindu Phlosophy all Hindu Kings and Hindu Gods belongs to the top most community Kshatriya. The speciality of this community is the possibility of tune their mind equal to the mind of Hindu Gods, or tune their mind free from all types of tensions. That is only a possibility of design the mind free from all types of attachments or tensions. To achieve this glorious target each and every individual born in Kshatriya community wanted to train his mind. If he fails to tune their mind there is no difference with Kshatriya community member and any other community member.

                                                                 .                                                                             NON-KSHATRIYA COMMUNITIES
Communities With Full of Tension“This is the just reverse to the mental state of Kshatriya. Here the individual born with a mind can not tune to the mind of Hindu Gods. These communities always forced to live a tension full life nobody can save them. I calculates this is the most dangerous and unsolvable enigma of Hinduism. Innocent personalities living a whole life span with full of mental torture. When he try to co-ordinate the mind to calm and peace the situation is always going beyond his control. That means mental calm is beyond his capacity to reach.

                                                                                                                                                    TODAY’S POSITION
Mind Collapsed Kshatriya“As I informed earlier Kshatriya has only the chance to escape from psycho bondages. To reach that target individual born in this community wanted train his mind, if he fails to train his mind his psycho status is same as any individual born in any non-Kshatriya community. Actually this is the position of all Kshatriya of India at present, inshort they are wasting their birth upon earth due to ignorance and without proper guidence.

                                                                                                                                              MIND WITHOUT PEACE
Vortex of Confusion” When an individual live with bondages or tensions, his mind according to Vedas is like a rough sea, or like tameless running of wild horses. Individuals other than the top most community forced to live with a mind without peace because their mind is designed in this manner. Today the top most community also living in this mental condition due to ignorance. As age increases man forced to faces more and more problems, if mind is not at all in properly tuned position one take more and more strain to face the problem. That means the mental peace is only a mirage for lower communities.

                                                                                                                                                    MODERN LIFE
Condition Becomes Miserable” In modern life there is no any type of proper guidence for the interaction of mind and mental values. All are giving importance to competition, finance etc The mind of all non Kshatriya communities are designed to live with a competition less mind, but in this competition full modern life they and really unfit. There is no island of mental solace in the competition full modern life flow. Modern political ideologies, violence in the leadership positions are nightmare to all live with severe mental distress.

Ice Melts” There is solution for all problems mankind faces. Here also there is the chance to escape from all types of bondages or psycho attachments. But this is possible for only one community, the top most community in the caste ladder that means the Kshatriya. Study of society, study modern thoughts, study of operation of all ideologies in ones mind and such so many possibilities are absolute necessory to reach that glorious target. This type of concentration of mind is called as Meditation.

                                                                                                                                                             RAJA YOGI
Reward of Meditation“Concentration of mind or meditation is the only one means to overcome the attachments and reaches the Jnanasagara or Moksha state of mind. This type of movement of mind is possible only for Kshatriya community According to Vedas the “Visa” for the movement of mind to Jnanasagara is the reality that “the blood relative” of Hindu Gods. That possesed by only one community in the Universe that is Kshatriya. When one reaches that ideal state of mind he is known as “RAJA YOGI”. Those are the personalties living on earth with the mind of Hindu Gods.

                                                                                                                                                             REAL RULERS
Protectors of Earth” Raja Yogi is the the personality seen stone and gold in the same manner. He can do nishkaama karma, so they are counted as the Gods of Earth or Protectors of Earth. The administration of Raja Yogi is same to all types of citizens only he can see cruel man and holy man in the same manner. The sunlight fall in dirty place and better place in the same way like that the administration of Raja Yogi is same to all types of subjects in the same way.

                                                                                                                                               INTERCOMMUNITY MARRIAGE
To Save Psycho Slaves” As the reminders of a collapsed empire, as the victims of the psychological constitution of the Great Hindu Civilization here in the holy land India there are thousands of communities living with psycho tension and isolation due to xenophobia and socialphobia. We wanted to save these millions. The only one way infront of us is to arrange intercommunity marriages with the top most community. It is impossible if the topmost community is in financially and socially in higher position but in south part of India that means in Kerala and Tamilnadu there are lacs of Kshatriya living with the strong mentality that they are belongs to “backward community” of the caste system rank. So I think this is the first and last chance infront of all other “real” lower communities to utilize their state and arrange intercommunity marriages.

                                                                                                                                               YOGA FOR BRAHMIN COMMUNITY
Bhakthi Yoga, Jnana Yoga and Karma Yoga” As I informed earlier the books of Hinduism says Brahmin Community have equal importance to Kshatriya Community because the job linked to Brahmins is serving of Hindu Gods and giving instruction to Kings for better administration. Service to Gods is the noble job than the service to subjects. Vedas also saying the Brahmins have even power to supplant the Kings or Kshatriya. Because always Hindu code of laws giving first preference to the opinion of Brahmins. Other than Rajayoga there are three more paths providing to reach the Moksha state of mind these three routes are only for Brahmin community. These three routes are Jnana Yoga, Bhakthi Yoga and Karma Yoga. While Kshatriya can reaches Moksha state through the psychological visa “blood relation of Hindu Gods” the Brahmin can reaches the Moksha state through the psychological visa “traditional job inherent in the mind”. Here the traditional job of Brahmins is “worshipping of Hindu Gods”. There is a statement in Bhavishyath Puranam that in Kaliyuga power of both Kshatriya and Brahmins will looses. Kshatriya will transformed to slaves, in the absence of Kshatriya Brahmins can not retain power. “Bhavishyath Puranam” also giving a simily for this condition of Kshatriya as the story of lamp and mirror. Here mirror denotes as all other communities including Brahmins and lamp as Kshatriya. Mirror can reflect the light of the lamp only if there is a bright liting lamp. In the absence of bright liting lamp there is no light so mirror also useless and powerless. Contradictory to all these conditions any man belong to any community or any living being including animals and even insects have the possibility to reach “Raja Yoga” state of mind only if posses the astrological star condition “Raja Yogam” on the time of birth”

                                                           BIRTH AND REBIRTH OF ATHMA IN HINDUISM

                                                                                                                                                             NEWBORN KID
Athma as Human” When a kid is born from the point of view of the nation one citizen is increases in the country, from the point of view of the family the number of the family member increases by one, according to Hinduism one athma arrives in the earth in the form of Human being. What it doing what is it’s position in the society all are determined by the community at which the athma born. Vedas saying Athma born as human after completing 64 lacs of birth and rebirth as any other non human being on earth. From birth to death man look for mental pleasure or try to escape free from tensions but the real incident is as man grown up the tension also increases. Actually the mental pleasure depends on the community he born.


Two Types of Human” When the athma wear the dress “Man” or born as human it wanted to live as the duties implied by the community at which the athma born. All the communities of Hinduism can broadly divided into two, community of Hindu Gods and communities worshipping these Hindu Gods. When the athma born in the first community or community of Hindu Gods it has the golden chance to escape from mental tension but the individual wanted to train his mind to reach that position.

                                                                                                                                                             JANMA CHAKRA-1
Astrological View” The posibility of athma wear the dress “Man” or born as human and when he born as human the chance of born in Kshatriya community is totally determined by chance or accidental. There is one more theory saying the rebirth of athma is depends upon the activities of the previous janmam. It is considered that there is Janmachakra exists which determined the above said two possibilities. Astrological picture of Janmachakram is seen below.

                                                                                                                                                             JANMA CHAKRA-2
Graphic View“After finishing one janma athma have two alternatives rebirth as man or rebirth as any living being. Hindu Philosophy saying the rebirth of athma is depends upon the activities of the previous janmam. In the below picture the janma chakra or rebirth as man or rebirth as animal is showing graphically.

                                                                                                                                                             HUMAN JANMAM
Voyage of Athma” When the athma wear the dress “Man” it overcomes the different stages of by the course of time. We are generally called it as different stages of life. When one dies the athma never destroys, it has two possibilities one rebirth as another man or rebirth as another living being. The first chance rebirth as another man also visible here.

Influence of Purushardha” The Purushardha are “Dharmardhakaamamoksha”. Here Dharma, Artha and Kaama are represents as three ghosts influencing each and every action of an individual. When one escape from the influences of Purushardha it has the chance to reach “Jnanasagara” or the final state “Moksha”. The Jnanasagara is the state all Hindu Gods living, that is given as the figure as Hindu Gods. The atma of a common man always crave to reach that glorious state. The minimum requirement to reach that state is ‘the athma wanted to born in Kshatriya community’ then one wanted to train his mind to reach that state.

                                                                                                                                                             BHAGAVATH GITA
Gist of Vedas” valuable informations about the Concentration of mind or meditation to transfer a Kshatriya to the elevated state of “Raja Yogi” briefly mentions in Githa as the advice of Krishna to Arjun. This is the short cut to reach Jnanasagara or Moksha state of mind from Samsara Sagara.

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