Today in Indian History
Events for June 12

12-June-1761 Balaji Bajirao (Nanasaheb), third peshwa, died after losing in the battle of Panipat. (12 or 23)
12-June-1891 Gandhiji sailed for India and reached in July.
12-June-1894 Busushottam Vishwanath Bapat, internationally famed Pali language expert, translator and editor, was born.
12-June-1897 Possibly the most severe quake in history strikes Assam, shock waves felt over an area size of Europe (negligible death toll).
12-June-1947 Gandhiji addresses Congress Working Committee.
12-June-1952 J&K Assembly decided to terminate hereditary monarchy.
12-June-1960 783 Sikhs are arrested while demonstrating for an independent Sikh state in New Delhi.
12-June-1970 Gopinath Kaviraj, Padmavibhushan awardee and critic, passed away.
12-June-1972 D. G. Tendulkar, historian who had written the autobiography of Mahatma Gandhi, died.
12-June-1975 Allahabad court voids Indira Gandhi’s election as premier, citing corruption at New Delhi.
12-June-1975 Drugaprasad Dhar, former deputy president of Planning Commission, died.
12-June-1976 Mahamahopadhyaya Pandit Gopinath Kaviraj, editor and master, died at Varanasi.
12-June-1990 CPI(M) accuses Communist Party of Soviet Union of departing from the basic ideology of Marxism-Leninism in the name of correcting past distortions.
12-June-1990 Indian National Satellite (INSAT-1D) launched. This is an operational multi-purpose communication and meteorology satellite. It is still in service. It was launched by US Delta launch vehicle, Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, USA.
12-June-1996 India’s new prime minister H. D. Deve Gowda wins vote of confidence in the Lok Sabha and will rule as head of the United Front coalition.
12-June-1997 Jain hawala case dropped against former ministers Kamal Nath, B.D. Dhakne, Chand Ram and Bhuta Singh.
12-June-1997 Sitaram Kesri elected president of Congress I (6224 votes. Sharad Pawar-888; Rajesh Pilot-354).
12-June-1997 Mihir Sen, long distance swimmer, died.
12-June-1999 Jalagam Vengal Rao, former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh, died in Hyderabad.
12-June-2000 The Government appointed S. K. Mahajan of Delhi High Court as the chairman of the one-man tribunal to adjudicate whether or not there was sufficient cause for declaring LTTE as unlawful.

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