Today in Indian History
Events for June 3

3-June-1818 Maratha wars between British & Maratha Confederacy in India ends.
3-June-1844 Balkrishna Bhatt, essay writer, critic and journalist in Hindi, was born.
3-June-1865 George V, King of England (1910-36), was born.
3-June-1890 Baburao Painter (Baburao Krishnaji Meshri), famous painter, sculptor, film producer and director, was born.
3-June-1890 Khan Abdul Gafar Khan, follower of Mahatma Gandhi, was born.
3-June-1895 Kavalam Madhava Panikkar, historian and Indian diplomat (Asia & Western Dominance), was born.
3-June-1901 Mahakavi G.Sankara Kurup, Malayalam poet, was born. He was the first winner of the conveted Gyaanpeeth Award in 1965 for his poems “”Odakkuzhal”” in Malayala
3-June-1912 Sohrab Pirojsha Godrej, great industrialist, was born.
3-June-1915 Sir’ knighthood was granted to Gurudev Ravindranath Tagore by the British Government.
3-June-1916 Smt. Nathibai Damodar Thakarsey Women’s University was established.
3-June-1924 Muthuvel Karunanidhi, politician and playwright, was born in Thirukkuvalai (Thanjavur).
3-June-1929 Chimanbhai Patel, former Chief Minister of Gujarat, was born.
3-June-1930 George John Fernandes, social reformer and politician, was born in Mangalore (Karnataka).
3-June-1947 British Government issued the partition plan, which was worked out by Lord Louis Mountbatten in New Delhi and was accepted by both Muslim League and Congress. The salient features of the partition were, 1) Provices of Bengal and Punjab to be divided., 2) The Indians will form the constitution of India and it will only be applicable in the areas where people accept it., 3) The province of Baluchistan shall adopt proper ways to decide its future., 4) 562 Princely States shall be free to decide their own future., 5) Referendum shall be held in N.W.F.P. and Assam., 6) The Governor General of both countries shall be the executive head of their respective countries., 7) Military assets shall be divided between the two countries and 8) Red Cliff Mission was setup, to demarcate the boundaries of the two countries. India would become free on 15th August 1947.
3-June-1947 Evening newspaper ‘Jay Hind’ published.
3-June-1972 First British designed Indian built mordern warship of the Leander class, ‘INS Nilgiri’ commissioned Prime Minister Indira Gandhi, was completely made in Mazgaon Dock, Mumbai.
3-June-1977 K. Brahmananda Reddi elected President of the Indian National Congress.
3-June-1985 The week comprising of five working days was implemented in Central Government Offices for its staff.
3-June-1992 Kerala CM K. Karunakaran injured in a road accident.
3-June-1992 M. N. Goiporia, SBI Chairman, asked to go on leave following security scam.
3-June-1993 K N Venkatasubramanian,IOC Chairman, suspended for leaking information about oil purchase plans to international dealers.
3-June-1995 Mayavati (BSP) becomes the new CM of UP with the outside support of BJP.
3-June-1995 President’s rule in J&K extended for another 6 months.
3-June-1997 Four women ministers (Renuka Choudhry, Kamala Sinha, Ratnamala Savanur & Jayanti Natarajan) join I K Gujral cabinet.
3-June-1998 The naval version of the surface-to-air missile, Trishul, is test-fired in Kochi.
3-June-1999 Flight Lieutenant K. Nachiketa is handed over by the International Committee of the Red Cross to the Indian High Commissioner inside the High Commission premises.

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