Today in Indian History
Events for May 30

30-May-1826 The first Hindi newspaper ‘Udant Martand’ was published from Calcutta under the Editorship of Pandit Shridhar Shukla.
30-May-1867 Maulana Mohammad Kasim Nanantavi established the famous Islamic educational centre ‘Dar- Ul -Ulum’ in Devkampa, Uttar Pradesh.
30-May-1887 The 7th Battalion of the Mechanised Infantry Regiment was raised as 37 DOGRAS by Lt. Col V. Rivas at Sialkot.
30-May-1895 Pandurang Sakharam Pisurlekar, great historian in Goa, was born.
30-May-1915 Krishen Behari Lall, Indian Civil Service and Diplomat, was born at Delhi.
30-May-1919 Rabindranath Tagore returned back the honour as a protest against the Jallianwala Bagh massacre.
30-May-1950 Devdutta Ramkrishna Bhandarkar, great historian and archaeologist, passed away.
30-May-1952 S.C.Mathur was appointed as the Narcotics Commissioner of India. He headed this office till 01-07-1955.
30-May-1955 Narayan Malhar Joshi, father of Indian Worker’s Movement, passed away.
30-May-1962 69 killed in a bus crash near Ahmedabad.
30-May-1977 Express Train fell into Beki river in Assam killing 44 persons.
30-May-1985 Earthquake in Srinagar.
30-May-1987 Goa becomes the 25th state of India.
30-May-1991 Uma Shankar Dixit (90) passed away.
30-May-1995 Notification issued for the constitution of Jharkhand Autonomous District Council.
30-May-1999 India rejects U.N. offer to send a special envoy to defuse Indo-Pak tensions.

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