Today in Indian History
Events for May 8

8-May-1725 John Lovewell, US Indian fighter, passed away in a battle.
8-May-1815 Malaun of Nepal was captured by General David Ochterlony.
8-May-1901 British commission claims famine has taken 1.25 mil. lives since 1899; blames overpopulation.
8-May-1906 Prannath Thapar, former General of India, was born.
8-May-1910 Tolstoy replies to Gandhiji that question of Passive Resistance is of greatest importance, not only for India but for humanity.
8-May-1930 Gandhi followers mob Bombay to protest his arrest.
8-May-1933 Gandhi starts hunger strike to protest the British repression of untouchables.
8-May-1954 Indian Government decided to integrate Chandranagar in West Bengal which was under the rule of the French.
8-May-1959 Dalai Lama will not be allowed to campaign for Tibetan independence in India. India wants to maintain friendly relations with Communist China.
8-May-1962 Ravindra Bharti University established in West Bengal.
8-May-1963 Centenary of Indian Red Cross was celebrated. Today is birthday of its founder.
8-May-1971 Mohinder Singh Gill at Fresno sets record for TJ in 16.79.
8-May-1990 A 255 kmph cyclone lashes Andhra Pradesh coast causing heavy losses to life and property.
8-May-1990 Paul Mantosh and Joss Fernandes take oath as nominated Anglo-Indian members in Lok Sabha.
8-May-1992 Eighth Plan outlay increased to Rs. 7,98,000 crores; Public Sector outlay goes up to 45\%.
8-May-1992 Gul Mahomed, cricketer (8 Tests for India & one for Pakistan), passed away.
8-May-1994 Harikant Jethwani, famous Sindhi litterateur, passed away.
8-May-1995 Prem Bhatia, journalist, passed away at 83.
8-May-1996 The governing Congress party is routed in Indian elections that have left no party with a clear mandate to govern.
8-May-1996 Poll counting begins.
8-May-1997 India decides to import currency notes for the first time.
8-May-1997 Mumbai High Court holds that Christian women can seek divorce on the sole ground of being subjected to cruelty and need not prove infedidelity on the part of their husbands or desertion.
8-May-1998 Sheikh Hasina, Bangladesh Prime Minister, gets the Gandhi award for 1998.

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