Today in Indian History
Events for May 7

7-May-1834 East India Company annexed Coorg. King Raja Veer Rajendra, who was a cruel ruler, after formally declaring a war had captured Durg State.
7-May-1849 Bethune College of Calcutta was established in the upper class families and it was started for female education.
7-May-1861 Guru Dev Rabindranath Thakur alias Tagore, novelist, painter, educationist and freedom fighter, was born in Calcutta.
7-May-1889 Dr. Narayan Subbarao Hardikar, freedom fighter, journalist and Padmabhushan awardee, was born.
7-May-1907 The First Electric Tramway service commenced in Bombay (Mumbai). This service was inaugurated by Municipality Chairman Vallabhdas Thakersey and Municipal Commissioner Sheppard at 5.30 p.m. This tram was well decorated and destined from Municipal Office upto Crawford Market.
7-May-1907 Rajbali Pandey, famous poet, was born.
7-May-1908 Sudhabala alias Ermaline was born in Bombay. She was a film actress. Her first film was ‘Hothal Padmini’ (1925). Some of her films are Kicks of Kismet, Tained Virtue, Red Signal, Wise Fool, Hoor-E-Bagdad.
7-May-1912 Pannalal Patel, great Gujrati novelist and story writer, was born.
7-May-1950 81 people died in a rail crash at Patna. A sabotage was suspected.
7-May-1950 Punjab Mail train crashed near Jasidh killing 81 persons.
7-May-1958 Acharya Kripalani elected leader of a new opposition group in the Lok Sabha.
7-May-1973 The foundation stone was laid of Itanagar, the new capital of Arunachal Pradesh.
7-May-1973 Shivkumar Batalvi, famous Punjabi poet, died.
7-May-1985 Adoor Gopalakrishnan adjudged Best Director (Mukhamukham) in national film awards.
7-May-1990 Foundation stones are laid in Ayodhya for a new temple at the birthplace of Lord Rama as Hindu nationalism rises. Government disallows the Shilanyas.
7-May-1990 Government of India bans strikes in any service in any oil field or refinery under the Essential Services Maintenance Act.
7-May-1991 Haryana beat Bombay in the cricket Ranji Trophy final by 2 runs.
7-May-1993 Jankiraman panel’s final report finds that an additional aggregate of Rs. 12,85,549 crore was transacted in banks without any documentation; it indicts 12 more banks for involving in the scam.
7-May-1994 Dr. S.P. Tripathy, Director-General of ICMR, retired after 32 years of distinguished service in the ICMR, and Dr. G.V. Satyavati took over as the new Director-General of ICMR in July 1994. She became the first woman scientist in the country to head not only ICMR but any Research agency in independent India.
7-May-1994 Sunit Khatau, famous industrialist and textile magnet in Mumbai and owner of Khatau Group, was murdered. He was 55.
7-May-1994 Ustad Jahiruddin Dagar Nasir, famous classical singer of Dhrupad-Dhamar, passed away at the age of 62 in Bareilly.
7-May-1996 Third and final phase of polling begins for 185 LS constituencies and 154 assembly constituencies; 55 to 60\% turnout was witnessed and there was widespread violence in Bihar.
7-May-2000 Ranjit Singh Gill, one of the prime accused in the murder of Lalit Maken and his wife Geetanjali, who was the daughter of the late President Dr. Shankar Dayal Sharma, on July 31, 1985, was extradited to Delhi from the US to stand trial in the case.

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