Today in Indian History
Events for May 4

4-May-1783 Tipu Sultan was enthroned as the ruler of Mysore after the death of Haider Ali in a simple ceremony at Bednur. He continued the Second Mysore War against the English. He defeated many EnglishGenerals like Brithwhite & Col. Bailey. Tipu Sultan signed the treaty at Mangalore on 11th March 1784 A.D. which was known as the Mangalore treaty.
4-May-1799 Tipu Sultan is killed in a battle against 5,000 British soldiers who stormed and razed his capital, Seringapatanam.
4-May-1832 Darpan’, a fortnightly magazine started publishing as a weekly.
4-May-1849 Jyotirindranath Tagore, Bengali litterateur and poet, was born.
4-May-1854 The first stamp was officially issued from Calcutta where the first modern post office was established.
4-May-1923 Mrinal Sen, famous film director, was born.
4-May-1932 Many are arrested as Congress agents picket Bombay post offices in celebration of Gandhi Day.
4-May-1935 Dalip Kaur Tiwana, great educationist and writer, was born in Ribbon village, Punjab.
4-May-1957 Rai Chaudhary Hemchandra, great historian, passed away.
4-May-1959 Nehru rejects proposals that India and Pakistan resolve their differences and set up a common alliance against Communist China.
4-May-1960 Washington, Ike signs wheat pact with India for largest U.S. food sale.
4-May-1980 Coal Mine Worker’s Day established.
4-May-1989 Ashutosh Mukhopadhyay, famous Bengali litterateur, passed away.
4-May-1990 Supreme Court directs Central Government to set up a Tribunal to resolve Cauvery water dispute between Tamil Nadu and Karnataka.
4-May-1992 India and Russia sign a five-year agreement on trade and economic cooperation.
4-May-1993 Income Tax exemption limit raised to Rs.30,000; Customs duty on certain drugs reduced.
4-May-1993 Santosh Yadav became the first Indian woman to conquer the Everest twice.
4-May-1994 Fourth developmental launch of ASLV. 113 kg Stretched Rohini Satellite Series (SROSS-C2) was launched by fourth developmental flight of ASLV-D4 from Sriharikota. This carried two scientific payload, a Gamma Ray Burst (GRB) experiment and a Retarding Potential Analyser (RPA). It is still in service.
4-May-1995 The fourth ASLV-D4 blasts off from Sriharikota, successfully placing the SROSS-C2 satellite in orbit.
4-May-1998 India is placed on the US Special 309 watch list.

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