Today in Indian History
Events for May 2

2-May-1769 Sir John Malcom, former Governor of Mumbai and historian, was born.
2-May-1907 Riots break out in Rawalpindi and East Bengal, spreading to the Punjab.
2-May-1908 Police in Calcutta discover a cache of explosives for use in alleged anarchist plot.
2-May-1921 Satyajeet Ray, world famous film director and a very short story writer, was born in a family of artistS. In 1989, he was awarded highest honour of France ”Legion d Honeur”.
2-May-1922 Kedarnath Modi, great Industrialist in Maharashtra, was born.
2-May-1926 Hindu women gain right to seek elected office.
2-May-1930 Riots break out in Amritsar.
2-May-1953 Declaration by the PM that India was opposed to joining any power-block in the event of another war.
2-May-1953 40 persons were reported losing their lives today in the first crash of a jet airliner in commercial service. The jetliner, a British-built Comet, plunged to earth in a violent storm just a few minutes after taking off from Calcutta. It was carrying a party of rubber and tin operators from Malaya to England. There were no survivors. Two Comets have crashed before, one last October and one in March, but neither was carrying passengers.
2-May-1954 Ceylon Asian conference ends with plea for peace in Indo-China, end of atomic tests and condemnation of colonialism.
2-May-1968 Lok Sabha passed the Public Providend Fund Act.
2-May-1974 700 union leaders arrested in a move to avert a rail strike in New Delhi.
2-May-1977 C.V. Narasimhan became the director of Central Bureau of Investigation (till 25/11/77).
2-May-1981 Dr. Yashwant Singh Parmar, the architect of modern Himachal Pradesh and an energetic Chief Minister, passed away.
2-May-1982 Mohun Bagan retains Federation Cup (football) beating Mafatlal at Calicut.
2-May-1985 Banarsidas Chaturvedi, famous writer and journalist, passed away.
2-May-1992 President J.B.Patnaik, former Orissa CM and PCC (I), arrested on corruption charges.
2-May-1996 Controversial godman Chandraswami arrested and sent to high security Tihar jail on a day’s judicial custody by a Delhi court for allegedly cheating NRI businessman Lakhubhai Pathak of $1 lakh in 1983.
2-May-1996 General Election 2nd phase begins in 204 LS and 223 Assembly constituencies spread over 17 States & union territories.
2-May-1998 The Indian Army at Bandipura market captured 10.5 Kg Charas.

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