Today in Indian History
Events for April 29

29-April-1639 Delhi’s Red fort construction commenced by laying the Foundation Stone by Shah Jahan. This fort was completed on May 13, 1646.
29-April-1848 Raja Ravi Verma, famous classic, prolific painter and great Indian Artist, was born in Kilimanoor, Kerala.
29-April-1882 Raja Ali Sayyed, leader of Muslim League, was born.
29-April-1909 Tukdoji Maharaj, social reformer, modern Saint and poet, was born at Yavli in Amravati district, Maharashtra.
29-April-1924 Purushottam Ramchandra Behr, famous writer and Editor of Marathi literature, was born.
29-April-1936 Zubin Mehta, famous music conductor (NY Philharmonic), was born in Bombay, India.
29-April-1939 Netaji resigned from the Congress and established his own party, the Forward Block and created a political deadlock in India.
29-April-1947 Abolition of `untouchability.’
29-April-1948 Natraj Kamakshi, modern social reformer and journalist, passed away.
29-April-1954 India accepted Tibet as a part of China.
29-April-1957 The National Civil Defence College was founded at Nagpur as the Central Emergency Relief Training Institute (CERTI). It functions as the training wing of the Emergency Relief Organisation of the Government of India.
29-April-1960 Pandit Balkrishna Sarma ”Navin”, famous Hindi poet of modern era, passed away.
29-April-1979 Raja Mahendra Pratap, great revolutionary freedom fighter, passed away in New Delhi at the age of 93.
29-April-1997 R. N. Malhotra, 71, former RBI Governor, died.
29-April-1998 India and Myanmar agree upon steps to ensure trans-border security, cooperation in the fight against trafficking of narcotics and implementation of mutually beneficial cross-border projects.
29-April-1998 The Reserve Bank reduces the bank rate by one point from 10 per cent in its monetary and credit policy for the first half of 1998- 99.
29-April-2000 The Army institutes a high-level court of inquiry under Maj. Gen. C.B. Suku to look into the causes of the arms depot conflagration.

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