Today In History – 22nd April

Today in Indian History
Events for April 22

22-April-1812 Dalhousie, governor general of India, was born.
22-April-1840 James Princes, British research scientist and archeaologist, passed away.
22-April-1870 Vladimir IIyich Lenin, revolutionary freedom fighter and politician, was born at Simbrisk, Volga.
22-April-1915 Hem Barua, famous Assami and English litterateur, was born.
22-April-1921 Subhas Chandra Bose, resigned from Indian Civil Service, and formed South Calcutta Sevak Samiti after returning to India. He was also arrested for carrying our freedom movement.
22-April-1923 Babani Sheshagiri Pai, social worker and journalist, was born at Ankola in Karnataka,
22-April-1930 Civil Disobedience at Dandi, 6th April 1930 and Civil Disobedience at Bombay, 7th April 1930, both documentary films produced by Krishna Film Co., Bombay, were prohibited by Censor Board on April 22, on the grounds that they were calculated to foster resistance to Government and to promote a breach of Law and Order.
22-April-1930 Revolutionary Surjya Sen’s many associates were killed and Surjya Sen “”Masterda”” himself went underground, on Jalalabad Hill and started extending his activities to neighbouring district
22-April-1942 The Telecommunication Training Centre was established at Jabalpur.
22-April-1942 Galagnath (Vyanktesh Tirko Kulkarni), famous Kannad novelist, passed away.
22-April-1958 Admiral R. T. Katari was appointed as the first Indian Chief of the Naval Staff.
22-April-1983 Smt. Indira Gandhi, Prime Minister of India, visited ICMR Headquarters and held discussions with senior scientists of ICMR. ICMR revived research on indigenous drugs/traditional medicine with a new, disease-oriented approach and a Scientific Advisory Group on Traditional Medicine Research was constituted in 1983 but actual studies (Multicentric Clinical Trials, Centres for Advanced Research, Central Biostatistical Monitoring Unit etc.) were started in 1984-85.
22-April-1991 Arun Nehru and Arif Mohammed Khan expelled from Janata Dal.
22-April-1991 IMF and the World Bank decide to grant $1 billion loan to India.
22-April-1992 IAF in response to a recommendation by Secretary General, the Security Council adopted resolution No. 751 (1992) by which it established UNOSOM for handling situation which had deteriorated to an extent where death and destruction forced hundreds of thousands of civilians to flee their homes and causing need for emergency humanitarian assistance.
22-April-1993 Air India engineers call off their 56-day-old strike.
22-April-1994 Chabbildas Mehta sworn in as Gujarat CM.
22-April-1994 Sushil, great Jain Muni Acharya, passed away.
22-April-1996 National Stock Exchange launches a new equity index – the NSE 50.
22-April-1996 Hiteshwar Saikia, chief minister of Assam (1991-96), passed away at the age of 62 years, and Dr. Bhumidhar Barman became new CM.
22-April-1998 India and Bangladesh resolve to work together to ”root out terrorism”, push bilateral trade and harness river waters of the region.
22-April-1999 Lok Sabha passes the 1999-2000 general budget through voice vote but without a debate and without amendments.
22-April-2000 Bhaktavar Lentin (72), former Judge of the Bombay High Court, died after a prolonged illness at his residence in Mumbai.

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