Today In History -23rd March

Today in Indian History
Events for March 23

23-March-1351 Firuz Shah Tughluq(1351-88), nephew of Muhammad Tughluq, succeded as emperor of Delhi.
23-March-1596 Chandbibi made treaty with Murad and gave ‘Varhad’ area to Mughals.
23-March-1757 Lord Clive conquered Chandranagar after defeating the French troops.
23-March-1898 Nalinibala Devi, Assamia poet, was born.
23-March-1910 Dr. Ram Manohar Hiralal Lohia also known as “”Dauntless Dr. Lohia””, freedom fighter and socialist leader, was born at Akbarpur, district Faizabad, Uttar Pradesh. He had founded Praja Socialist Party in 195
23-March-1911 Indranath Bandopadhyay, Bengali comedy writer and journalist, passed away.
23-March-1913 Indian Muslim Conference passes resolution demanding immediate self-government.
23-March-1919 Subhadra Joshi, freedom fighter, was born. She took active participation in Salt and non cooperation movement. She also motivated the freedom movement through her newspaper “”Hamara Sangra
23-March-1923 Shekh Mubarak Ali Ayaj, Sindhi litterateur, was born.
23-March-1923 Hemu Kalani, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born at Sukkur, Sind. He was held for removing of fishplates which caused derailment of British Wagon.
23-March-1931 Bhagat Singh, Shivram Rajguru and Sukhdev, great freedom fighters and revolutionaries, were hanged for assasination of Saunders, Assistant Superintendent of Police in the Central Jail at Lahore. Bhagat Singh and his associates showed no signs of any fear as they kissed the noose, chanting “”Inquilab Zindabad”” (long live the revolution
23-March-1940 All India Muslim League passed resolution for the formation of Muslim homeland i.e. Pakistan.
23-March-1942 Japanese forces occupy Rangoon, Andaman Islands in Indian Ocean.
23-March-1942 Second World War was turning against the British and they needed the help of the Indians. So Prime Minister Churhill sent a delegation under Sir Stafford Cripps (Cripps Mission) to hold talks with the Indian leaders on the future of the subcontient in UK, which could not take place because of the non-cooperation movement and they left after a fortnight. They submitted their report in April 1942 which was rejected by the Congress and Muslim League.
23-March-1947 Lord Mountbatten was sent as a Viceroy to India who was designated to free India.
23-March-1962 Nawab of Pataudi captains Indian cricket team vs WI at the age of 21 years 77 days.
23-March-1967 Pandey Bechain Sharma (Ugra) passed away.
23-March-1968 Atul Satish Wassan, cricketer (Indian pace bowler 1989-90), was born in Delhi.
23-March-1982 Annasaheb Patil, father of Maratha Mahasangh, passed away.
23-March-1986 The first women’s company of Central Reserve Police Force camp was raised in Durgapur.
23-March-1992 G. S. Dhillon, former speaker of Lok Sabha, passed away.
23-March-1994 Last day of Test cricket for Kapil Dev.
23-March-1995 Shakti Chattopadhyay, famous poet, passed away.
23-March-1997 10 Dalits killed in Kab village of Bihar by Ranbir Sena, a pro-landlord extremist organisation.
23-March-2000 Udham Singh (72), hockey legend, died at his home town in Sansarpur (near Jalandhar).

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