Today In History – 22nd March

Today in Indian History
Events for March 22

22-March-1709 It is assumed that Goswami Tulsidas started writing his great epic ‘Ramcharitmanas’ in Samvat 1631.
22-March-1739 Nadir Shah entered Delhi. He gave the signal to one of his soldiers from Sunheri mosque.
22-March-1793 Lord Cornwallis promulgated permanent settlement in Bengal and Bihar to fix the revenue amounts once and for all to be paid by the zamindars every year.
22-March-1885 Gulam Yazdani, great archaeologist and critic, was born.
22-March-1893 Surya Sen, alias Masterda, revolutionary freedom fighter, was born.
22-March-1902 Great Britain and Persia agree to link Europe and India by telegraph.
22-March-1906 Bhagwant Bhikaji Samant, educationalist, was born.
22-March-1907 Perturbed by a new law restricting Asiatic immigrants, Mohandas Gandhi, a young Indian attorney now living in South Africa, organized a campaign of civil disobedience to resist the statute popular bill passed by the new Boer government of the Transvaal Colony. The Asiatic Registration Bill was considered by Gandhi unjust and discriminatory to the large Chinese and Indian populations. However, the government expressed the belief that the ordinance was popular. “”Over 90 percent of the white people thoroughly approve of it,”” said Sir Gilbert Parker, a Conservative member of Parliam
22-March-1914 M. L. Bhowmik, social reformer and politician, was born Kailashahar, Tripura.
22-March-1915 Dr. Nagendra, famous hindi critic, was born.
22-March-1932 Indian Muslims break with Great Britain.
22-March-1933 M.V.Nagendra, cricket test umpire for 11 tests from 1963-77, was born at Karnataka.
22-March-1938 IRFA was registered as a local body not administered by the Government on March 22, 1938 under the Government of India Act No. XXI of 1860.
22-March-1942 Both Congress and Muslim League refused Cripps Mission offer. Congress adopts Quit India Resolution. Cripps Commission came to India which was preceded by Sir Stephard Crips to find out a political formula for transfer of power to Indians.
22-March-1947 India’s Last Viceroy Lord Louise Mountbatten came to India.
22-March-1949 SSC Examination system started.
22-March-1957 National Calander based on Saka Samvat was adopted. As per this calander, the date of adoption was “”Chaitra first, 1879 Saka along with Gregorian.
22-March-1961 Jual Teria Dilga Oram was born in Kendudihi, Distt. Sundargarh (Orissa).
22-March-1963 World Bank loans India $ 67 mil. to improve its railways.
22-March-1964 200 die in communal violence in the industrial towns of Jamshedpur and Rourkela.
22-March-1969 The first public sector petrochemical organisation was inaugurated.
22-March-1971 Shri Hanuman Prasad Poddar, great social reformer, revolutionary and poet, passed away.
22-March-1977 Indira Gandhi-led Indian National Congress party lost the 6th general election of India. She resigned as Pime Minister of India.
22-March-1977 Janata and its allies gain absolute majority in Lok Sabha.
22-March-1977 Ayillyath Kuttiari Goplan, freedom fighter, social reformer and Marxist leader, passed away in Trivandrum.
22-March-1991 Chautala sworn in as Haryana CM.
22-March-1991 President withholds assent to the pension bill of Members of Parliament.
22-March-1993 The Lok Sabha passes the Indian Medical Council (Amendment) Bill, 1993 and the Dentists (Amendment) Bill, 1993.
22-March-1996 Golden Temple renamed Harmandir Sahib (its original name meaning ‘abode of God’).
22-March-1997 Deshabhimani daily, official organ of CPI (M), launches its 5th edition from Kottayam, Kerala.
22-March-1999 57 prisoners in Indian and Pakistan jails are repatriated to their respective motherlands at the Attari-Wagah joint checkpost on the border in Amristar district.
22-March-1999 Punjab men, Railway women emerged National basketball champions in Jaipur.
22-March-2000 INSAT-3B launched.
22-March-2000 India’s first third generation satellite ‘Insat-3B’ put in orbit by Europe’s latest Ariane-5 rocket from Kourou in French Guyana.
22-March-2000 P.Shanmugham sworn in Chief Minister of Pondicherry.

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