Today In History – 18th March

Today in Indian History
Events for March 18

18-March-1896 Pandit Kunjilal Dubey, freedom fighter, educationalist and politician, was born at Amgaon, District Narsinghpur.
18-March-1915 British Government approved Indian Security Act to have greater control on the Indian people.
18-March-1916 Pratapsinh Mathuradas Vissanji, great industrialist, was born at Bombay.
18-March-1919 Rowlatt Act, intended to perpetuate the extraordinary powers enjoyed by the Government under Lord Chelmsford during the war, provokes countrywide protests. This Rowlatt Act was forced instead of 1915 Indian Security Act which reduced freedom of Indian people.
18-March-1922 Mohandas K. Gandhi “”Mahatma,”” the great spirit, sentenced by British authorities to six years in prison for sedition at Sabarmati. Gandhi was sentenced just eight days after he was arrested. The British acted hastily after government officials in London and India were criticized for not arresting him sooner. In London, the Secretary of State for India was forced to resign because of the controversy over Gandhi. In India, the arrests of Gandhi and other Indian nationalists had only increased sympathy for their ca
18-March-1924 Madhusudhan Ramachandra Rege, cricketer (15 runs in only Test India v WI 1948-49), was born in Panvel, Maharashtra.
18-March-1938 Shashi Kapoor, famous film producer, director, actor and dramatist, was born in Calcutta. He has made sucessful films like Junoon, Kaliyug, Heat and Dust, etc.
18-March-1944 Subhash Chandra Bose formed Azad Hind Fauz and took control of Kohima-Imphal.
18-March-1944 Azad Hind Fauj entered India (Japanese army) from the border of Burma and invaded north eastern India.
18-March-1948 Socialist Party of India (SPI) disassociates itself from the Congress.
18-March-1948 Eknath Dhondu Solkar, cricketer (India 1969-77, brilliant short-leg fielder), was born in Bombay. He is recipient of Arjun Award (1973).
18-March-1953 Backward Classes Commission inaugurated.
18-March-1972 First Indian Book Fair was organised by National Book Trust in New Delhi.
18-March-1974 Buddhadev Basu, modern Bengali poet, story writer, playwright and critic, passed away.
18-March-1990 Devi Lal, Deputy PM, withdraws his resignation.
18-March-1991 West Bengal opts for assembly poll.
18-March-1992 Shreyanprasad Jain, famous philanthropist and industrialist, passed away.
18-March-1996 President confers gallantry awards on 65 personnel of the defence forces.
18-March-1997 Indo-Bangladesh friendship treaty, signed 25 years ago, expires.
18-March-1998 A.B. Vajpayee, the Prime Minister-designate, releases the ‘national agenda for governance’ in New Delhi. It is silent on the Ram temple issue, scrapping of Article 370 and a uniform civil code.

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